Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday night grateful moment

Right on schedule, the minute I pick Light as my word for 2013... and the darkness descends. Ha ha ha. Not really. But, there were a number of moments when I had little "a-ha" light bulbs going off over my head as we wrapped up the holiday-ing and headed back to work. "See," my little a-ha light bulb would chirp, "You want to focus on Light? Well, little Miss Sweet Tea&Sunshine, look at all the darkness--the sadness, the death, the loss, the anguish, the loneliness, the death, the bitterness, the grief--it's all around us, everywhere. What are you going to do about that?"

Well, my Friday night grateful moment is my chirp back at the darkness. Indeed, there's sadness and anguish and grief, some days in double dose. Not going to gloss that over. Awful horrible things happen, to perfectly nice people. But rather than curse the darkness (though there was a bit of that at o-dark-thirty Wednesday morning), I will choose to light a candle.

This week I am grateful for many things...

A truly lovely holiday break with my guys. It was relaxing, from start to blessed finish. I didn't do a lick of work-related stuff, for which I admit I paid a small price in re-entry. But oh, such a wonderful time it was.

Our fireplace. I have been firing up that beast every night when I get home, and just loving the glow, the warmth, the sound. A fireplace makes winter so much more bearable. I wish I could take it with me everywhere. A pocket fireplace... Isn't that a fun (and a little bit dangerous...) image?

Winter flavors. I have no problem finding yummy things to eat, apparently, no matter the season. Right now I'm in love with the pomegranate, with grapefruits and squashes and artichokes, soups and casseroles and comfort and cheesiness. Oh wait, the last couple there aren't exactly New Year's flavors, are they? Oh well. I'm easing into clean eating; that's my story and I'm sticking with it. Not a couple of times this week I looked around work for the holiday goody platter. Withdrawal. Pangs. Are. Real.

The Christmas tree. Speaking of withdrawal... not sure when that beauty is coming down.

Hulu+ and Netflix. Who needs TV, really? I know, such a fluffy thing to be grateful for, but entertainment is important. Especially on vacation. And, it's fabulous being able to watch episode after episode of something--I discovered a funny sitcom over the break, "Guys With Kids," which is produced by Jimmy Fallon, who I find immensely amusing. Laughed out loud a few times, even. Speaking of which...

Laughter, which does a great deal to help with the post-holiday doldrums. I love laughter. Laughter is right up there with Light.

My prayer book. I have not always been one to write down what and who I'm praying for, it has seemed a little contrived (to me). But then the list at times gets a little long, and I will remember things or situations or people in the middle of the day and think, "Nuts, I forgot about that." And while I'm certainly not opposed to offering up a quick prayer at the moment, it just gets a little scattered. In more recent times I've attempted a little notebook with a list... and then I forget THAT, and well... So, I'm back on the bandwagon. I am grateful for the book itself, with its little green leather cover, so nicely put in my Christmas stocking by dear husband. And I'm grateful for the mindfulness it brings to my day, to begin by putting people and issues and problems and praise down in a tangible way and offering it all to God.

Color. So so grateful for color, in the midst of all this winter weather monotony. I even broke out The Scarf this week, that's how much I was looking to bust the gray! And I made deviled eggs last night, too; Seth and I devoured them, all yummy and yellow and beautiful.

My winter comfort attire. You'll notice I'm not posting a picture of it, but it's my go-to evening get-up: comfy "George Costanza" pants, Ugg boots, long sleeved T, and house sweater (think old, ratty, green, '70s, with a tie belt, even). It makes me happy. And, if you don't know the Costanza reference:

Wishing you a peaceful, relaxing weekend!


  1. *Love* you A.A. Milne quote ('course, I have a soft sport for all such quotes).

    I also like your word for 2013. So many cool meanings. I was tempted to go with "breathe," but settled on "understanding."

    And yes, I'm thankful for your blog. :-)

    1. Thanks, Brent. I have also thought of breathe... maybe another year. "Understanding," that's a good one! Good luck with that. ;)

      Happy New Year, Cousin!

  2. What a great blog post to start the year. I find so many things here that are just so cool.

    The Winne the Pooh quote is a keeper!

    Since going thru the TV blackout I have been weaned from thinking I have to watch everything...

    reading will now win over TV in 2013.

    I LOVE the prayer book idea.

    And colour is so cool. Our new home is all about colour...

    and this week we hung our first pieces of art on the freshly painted colourful walls here.

    And most of all I am grateful for you... and your commitment to gratefulness...

    may your tribe increase and start an epidemic.

    1. Thank you for your faithfulness is reading and commenting, Pa. You are a good example! xo

  3. Big Smile!!!

    There is absolutely no resemblance between you and George...George is cute, I will say, but no, even in sweatpants you look pretty darn elegant!!!

    Thank you for the words of cheer, the photos and the quotes. Yes, do love dear Winnie.

    And today I am very thankful for good sleep...that makes the days so much better!

    You are right about the sorrow in this world. December seemed to be overwhelming with the snowball of grief hitting us in the chest every other day. For me there is only one Solution...He is the answer.

    1. Having just woken from a delicious nap, I can concur that good sleep is something to be thankful for!

      And, of course, you are right about the one Solution... the Light!

  4. I, too have a house uniform. It's amazing the comfort it provides - hideousness and all!


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