Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday night grateful moment

So my Thursday 13 yesterday wasn't that far off of a typical grateful list, I'm sure you noticed. Most of what makes the winter chill disappear are items for which I am indeed very thankful. And will be, for the foreseeable future.

To think a little further afoot, then, on this quiet and peaceful evening, beyond the warmth of the Uggs and the glow of the fireplace...

I have been reflecting lately on pieces of modern life that make my life easier. Things we all so often take for granted. And I'm not talking apps here, people. I'm thinking the basics of a clothes washer and dryer--imagine doing laundry in this weather without either of those things? How about a refrigerator in the summer? A microwave, in every season? What, you don't have to stoke the fire to make a hot pot of soup? Me neither, and I can't tell you how grateful I am for that.

I am grateful for my outlook. When I think of all the dispositions in the world to be born with, the fact that I got *mine* is something I don't take for granted. I really do appreciate that my natural tendency is to see glasses as half full, situations as being fixable, people as being worth my effort. I know there is a vast spectrum between insane optimism and extreme pessimism. I'm grateful to be what I call a "hopeful optimist." (Remind me of that on days when I'm grumping around, OK?)

My guys. They didn't make the list yesterday for helping me beat the winter chill, but they do! Hugs galore. I am so glad that my teen boy still gives me a hug any old time I want, and EVEN initiates them, too. The bigger guy is great with the warm affection too, as well as many other things, from work support to home support to laughing with me (never at me, right?) and giving good counsel to Seth on everything from college choices to girls to.

Music. I mentioned this yesterday... but not a particular brand of music--nostalgic. (Which means that I get a complete pass on whether it's "good" music or not.) Seth and I listened to some Eels on the way to school this morning--a song that is nostalgic for both of us (a much better brand of nostalgia for him than for me). Later, I saw a post on Facebook that triggered a memory of an old Bread song that I used to like, and I went hunting it up. There are whole albums (yes, albums) from middle school and high school that bring up huge waves of memory; I know that's the case for most people, and I just love it.

Does anyone else remember this song? Yes, I am a child of the '80s, I admit.

I am grateful to have so many things that interest me. Sometimes I feel a little pulled, scattered, and hectic, not knowing how I'm going to "get to it all." Especially with work. But then I pause and have a little reality check and think how lucky I am to have to choose between quilting and crocheting and cooking and baking and all the many other things that make my spare time enjoyable.

A few items that piqued my interest this week:

I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead, filled with all the things you need it to be filled with... for me that means rest, good food, the fireplace, taking down the Christmas tree (finally!), a little craftiness, a little catching up on the dvr, maybe a nap or two, some quiet time of reflection and meditation, a haircut, more good food, cleaning out a few drawers, definitely cleaning my office (continuing with the LIGHT(en) up mode...), and maybe another nap. All of a sudden the next 48 hours seem busy. Nuts. Better cut back on the activity and ramp up the naps! 

Anyway, whatever your weekend holds, may it be all good.


  1. Great list of that bunny rabbit...and the quotes and your notes.

    This has been a wild week for me but long ago have learned that I should always carry a backpack of sunshine along with case!!!

    I am thankful that I feel like tackling each new day and that quote that I have seen lately about the devil cringing when he sees I am up, hope applies to me!!!

  2. You are the best example of always bringing your own sunshine... and it is one of your best qualities as long as I can remember.

    I remember when you were at OKA someone saying that when ever you entered a room it brightened the place.

    It reminds me of that old song, "You are my Sunshine."

  3. The photo of the naan is so looks extraordinary and oh so yummy!!!


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