Sunday, December 30, 2012

One Word 2012 recap: Grace

Grace has been my One Little Word for 2012, the word I chose to focus on, to bring more of into my life. And like any highlighted characteristic, it seems, the simple act of choosing GRACE flipped a switch to spotlight my need. Upon deciding on the word, I almost immediately felt utterly challenged--both in the giving and receiving of Grace. I had to take a few deep breaths and remind myself that, cliche as it might sound, this wasn't about a specific destination, but about the road to be traveled along the way.

Here, at the tail end of 2012, I am quite glad I chose Grace. Articulating the word, and keeping it present in my mind and heart throughout the year, was very worth the effort. Was I human? Sure. Did I act graceless at times? Oh yes. But did I come to better understand grace in my own life and work to share that outwardly in my relationships with others? Yes, I did.

Like Focus (2011), and Pause (2010) before it, I know that Grace will stay with me, long after 2012 is gone. Each word remains a part of me--reminding me, keeping me company, guiding the way--with a kind of cumulative effect. By the time I'm an old woman, all kinds of words will have visited my years, even circling back around for a retool from time to time, maybe. It's a welcome image.

I mentioned the Grace journey only a few times this year:
*In a Mid-Week Reminder about the magnitude of being present to what our life offers.
*Another Mid-Week Reminder about grace in the turnaround.
*And in a Friday Night Grateful Moment, when I mention a Bible verse that highlights grace: Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10

Could I stay with Grace for another year? Quite definitely. But I'm moving on, adding Grace to the word pile and picking another to focus on and build goals toward. I'm really quite excited about 2013, in many ways. Can't wait to share...


  1. I like your yearly tradition to pick a word. Thank you for sharing your comments.

    Last year I pick the word Faster.

    I wanted to get our home improvements done faster. I want to see our investments make money faster.

    But 2012 was not faster for me on either front. I just am a too slow... especially doing most of the work I can myself... with the help of Shirley.

    This next year for more than one reason my word for the year will be Safety First.

    is not any good if you go too fast and make a wrong step on the top of a scaffold.

    I too will do a blog post for the new word of the year... likely tomorrow.

  2. Sherilee, I probably said I'd pick a word last year and either stuck with it briefly or not at all.

    This year, I'm going with Kindness. Kindness for myself, for others, for life. my first act of Kindness (and it's not even the new year yet!) is to tell you how much I appreciate you and YOUR kindness! All the kettlecorn, the candy thermometer, your thoughtfulness and kind words over the years, how much I appreciate that! <3

  3. Dear Sherilee...I have found that 'grace' is something you pick up along the way in life, only to find that some days you forget where you laid it!!!

    Your middle name means grace, you know. As does mine...but much to my sorrow my heart/soul/mind did not automatically get filled up at has been a journey.

    Thanks for the words of wisdom...
    Happy New Year!


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