Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday night grateful moment

Kind of hard to wrap my brain around gratitude tonight, what with the events of the day.

But I am still grateful, even with this ache in my gut and lump in my throat.

I'm grateful that even when evil shows itself so absolutely, there are kind and caring people who act in heroic ways. I know stories will come out about the adults who were killed that will show many of them died trying to protect children.

I'm grateful that I know Seth is safe tonight, even as I'm painfully aware that there are families (a whole community) still in shock at the loss of their little ones.

I'm grateful for a warm home and the prospect of sleep. For my dear husband and our conversations. For the glow of the Christmas tree, for the jingle of the bell on Chief's collar, for those little oranges you can only find around the holidays. I am grateful that I have all my supplies for Christmas baking and the work party in hand, so that prepping and cooking can get underway without a lot of hassle. I'm grateful for fleecy socks in the cold, flannel sheets, and layers of sweaters. I'm grateful that there were a few precious snowflakes today, before it turned to rain. I'm grateful for coworkers who care about and are invested in outcomes. I'm also grateful for packages on the doorstep, music to sing along with, and pumpkin spice cream in my coffee.

My friend Janet posted this quote on Facebook and it seemed worthy of sharing:
 "Put down your raging opinions. Grasp at what you know is real and true right now: the people around you and the pain you can help alleviate with a kind word or touch." -Stephanie J. Stiavetti

Hugs to you all tonight, and go hug your near-and-dears, too. Please.



  1. I love that quote. There's nothing to do or say that will alleviate any of the emotions that are flaring up as a result of the horror, but if we all open our hearts just a bit more to the ones around us (and the ones not-so-close) the world WILL be a better place for that small effort.

  2. We have been on a cold turkey TV blackout... so miss a lot of the media as we keep busy with home improvements. My heart goes out to the hurting families.

    Loved your blog post... and your faithfulness to the Friday evening tradition.

    What a great quote. If we could only be so in tune to the moments that we are ready to do or say the right thing.

  3. Thanks for posting the quote..I think it's helpful and healing vs the other. btw...when I clicked on your post and I couldn't see the whole candle, just the flame without the wick...well, it looked quite beautiful...see if you can see what I mean!


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