Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday night grateful moment

My gratitude is quite simple tonight--not like it's ever very complex!--but having spent the holiday week with just the three of us together, I am extra-aware of my sweet family and how blessed we are to have each other.

We only inflicted a few Mexican train dominoes games on Seth--and he trounced us every time!

We even ate a salad or two. Can you tell which one is mine? Ha. Yes, I'm the grape-pomegranate-blue cheese girl, but you knew that already.

There were beach walks, in between a few rollicking storms and gentle rainshowers.

We indulged in time-honored traditions like Camp 18 for breakfast on the way home.

I won't pretend we drove like this the *whole* time...

But we are safely home through the fog and cold, safe in our cozy abode with the fire crackling.

I hope that wherever you are tonight, it is a place with love and peace.


  1. We ended our Friday with a lovely hot tub. We have yet to see anyone else there when we go. Glad for a day of rest. I worked hard to finish tiles in our office. The best single day of tiling yet.

  2. I love your gratitudes and these photos so much because they are of a real life holiday. I've been sort of musing over the holidays this month, and as I sort of wrap it all up, I'm realizing that I need to focus more on what *real life* holiday/winter/Christmas season is instead of what it was or what I think it's *supposed* to be. Meaning, next year I want to focus on what the tastes and smells and sounds and colors and feelings that the holidays bring about for us, as they are. Snowflakes and icicles and red and green don't really resonate, so maybe that's why I've felt a disconnect. As I'm looking back at my photos from this Christmas I can see that there was a meaningful, sacred thread in there, I just didn't recognize it because it wasn't screaming "TRADITIONAL BIGTIME TWINKLY CHRISTMAS" and that's what I have been searching for. Maybe now that I "get" it, I can see it differently next year.

  3. love love love Mexican train...used to play it every Friday night with one here cares for it boohoo!


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