Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Midweek reminder: Red yarn ties our hearts

In keeping with the back-to-school, where-did-the-summer-go angst that's rolling around my brain this week:

Life seems to flood by, taking our loves quickly in its flow. In the growth of children, in the aging of beloved parents, time’s chart is magnified, shown in its particularity, focused, so that with each celebration of maturity there is also a pang of loss. This is our human problem, one common to parents, sons and daughters, too--how to let go while holding tight, how to simultaneously cherish the closeness and intricacy of the bond while at the same time letting out the raveling string, the red yarn that ties our hearts.
-Louise Erdrich, The Blue Jay’s Dance


  1. How understand my heart so well because you too, are in the process.


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