Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday night grateful moment


We're hot.

Seventh level of hades hot.

Okay, that might be slight exaggeration. It's certainly warm, and I think half of the feeling like we're melting like the Wicked Witch is that we're in a peaceful place surrounded by water, not usually associated with such warmth. This is the place where I usually ask to borrow a sweater, since I forgot layers are mandatory on this side of the Cascades. Or long pants, or shoes with socks, or an extra blanket for the bed... You get my drift. If it weren't deemed unacceptable (I'm just guessing here, but it seems reasonable to assume) and frankly rather uncomfortable, we'd probably all be wandering around nekkid. But no, we're sipping ice water and waiting for a breeze to waft by and the sun to shift behind the trees...

But we're grateful, even as we sweat. Maybe especially grateful...

For air conditioning (at home). I am always grateful for that convenience. I am not big of the frozen popsicle that a lot of places (I was in a freezing Starbucks the other day. FREEZING.) like to turn into during the warm months, but a little cool to sleep in is a very lovely thing.

For this idyllic setting for a brief getaway. Can you see the heat waves rising in front of the camera? Instagram needs a filter for that...

For Chief, our international traveler. I am SO grateful that this trip has gone easily for him. He's been largely relaxed and happy (probably lulled into lethargy from the heat, but I'll take it.)

For cool soups that make hot evenings a bit more palatable...

I'm so grateful for my parents' marriage: 46 years and going strong. It's a wonderful thing.

For the garden that gives and gives, and gives some more.

For ALL the summer eating we've been doing lately, from squash to corn to kale to tomatoes, finally with the tomatoes!

For afternoon naps (or are they afternoon comas?).

For the breezes, when they do waft through the house. And for shade.

For our TinTin boy, isn't he sweet?

For Mexican Train dominoes games, and Wii bowling tournaments...
all the fun things that we only do on vacation. 

For walks, and talks, and little trips to the market. Time together with family.

For unusual wildlife... well, unusual for us! I was out on the deck the first night we arrived, with Chief, and I heard this odd, low growl-hiss. I didn't look or think twice, I just scooted right into the house with Chief and asked my mom what *that* could have been... oh, just the raccoons, she said. A momma and three babies. So of course, we had to go back out and take a closer peek! 

Wishing you a peaceful weekend, filled with things to be grateful for. What's on your grateful list for this week?

Update: I did publish this list Friday night, really. But was an issue with, and if you aren't subscribed through the RSS feed (which brings up the question, why not? It's a splendid way to get all your bloggy needs met in one place, so to speak), then it didn't publish to the blogger site. That should be fixed now!


  1. Thank you for bringing the most beautiful roses! I don't remember ever having so many beautiful little roses before.

    And we are just delighted to have you all home for a few days. Life is good!

  2. I very much need to visit this Mayne Island place for myself, I think. Your photos are always gorgeous! Lovin' the boy's hair too!! :) xoxo

  3. LOVE the Tin Tin hair! And love the roses... boy, do I love the roses! I just read a book called "The Care and Tending of Roses with Thorns" (or something similar, it was fiction) that gave me SO much insight into growing roses. The main character breeds roses so I learned so much from it.

    I love your Friday posts so much. They keep me in line ;) (meaning: awaken my senses to all the beauty and good stuff that's really all over the place, free for the noticing...)

  4. love Mexican Train :-) Glad you had fun! Cutie raccoons :-)


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