Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday night grateful moment

A utumn, fall, whatever you call it, appears to be well and truly on its way... Even writing that sentence feels a bit premature. And yet, crisper mornings, shorter evenings, cooler temps, stacks of back-to-school supplies... yep, fall.

Granted, there are pieces of summer still rolling around in my mind and pouring out of the garden, from fabulous tomatoes and basil and summer squash to dahlias and nasturtiums and fever few blossoms. But already I can feel it all slowing down, an inevitable slide toward the dormancy of winter.

Usually, I'm all over fall. I have been known to annoy more than one friend with my "Yippee, pumpkin lattes!" posts on Facebook (yes, I'm looking at you, PDX Jen) and my overt joy at leaves turning colors and frosty blades of grass... and I'm sure that will happen again--both my joy and my ability to annoy--but there's a real push-pull for me between summer and fall this year. I have come to love, not merely tolerate, the heat that is a Walla Walla summer. The month of August with Seth was just really, really great. In many ways, it feels like we are all, as a family, just getting into our summer groove, and yet here we are, poised for structure and the fresh starts of a new school year. (Yeah! Darn.)

So much in the months ahead is lovely. Fall brings with it so many things that I adore, culminating in the holidays and family time that comes with the season. Between now and then, I'll breathe a little more deeply, close my eyes every once in awhile, and just try to enjoy the moment of where I'm at. And be grateful.

A few of the specific things I'm grateful for, this week:

My brother, who sent me this blog post about gratitude just today; you must read it, seriously. Having a sibling who gets you is not to be underestimated. xo Shelby.

For friends who remind me of the real and the true.

For quiet days. For the bliss of living in a quiet spot, where the loudest noises at times are tractors starting up (two farms over) or a neighbor calling their dog. Most often it's the chickens five acres over or the doves on our own eaves. Qui-et.

For the scent of chiles and corn roasting. I swear, I could eat the air in the house right now.

For my husband and my son, who never fail to make me laugh, even at myself. I am very thankful for laughter.

For the prospect of a long weekend, getting things accomplished and enjoying a little down time. How precious time is... to have a little of the more relaxed kind? Bonus.

For this sliver of in-between time... not quite fall, not quite summer. I am looking out on deep lavender skies and golden gray hills... with apparently a blue moon to boot! I walked down to get the paper tonight and was struck, as always, by the beauty of this setting, and how very lucky we are to have this particular piece of paradise.

For the bounty of produce that our land provides. Apples are ready to eat!

Wishing you the peace of the weekend, and things to be grateful for too.



  1. Oh yes, a Blue Moon! Hmmm...very nice.

    Lots to be thankful for.

    We too are enjoying the most blissful weather...lots of sun and blue skies and just the right temperature to be able to work outdoors comfortably.

    God bless and be well.

  2. Just took a serious look at the blog your brother sent to you. Excellent stuff. Heart wrenching/warming stories of gratitude...then I went to his archives...

    Thank you for passing that on.

  3. I don't think fall will ever be my favorite season, but nowadays when I see the turning colors, I think of you, my dear friend. So... your "annoying" joy has had quite the lovely effect on my outlook as the season approaches. Still, I will tease you and tease you, because I ALSO don't get what's so great about pumpkin flavored stuff! Sheesh! ;) xoxo

  4. James is definitely a favorite -- he's a sweet, candid guy with some great background and perspectives. And he loves to "bleed"!

    1. I was just thinking of James, after having read some of his archives...the boy has some 'angst'. But I love his honesty.

  5. Gratefulness is a wonderful blessing... that brings with it further blessings. It is so good to be able to see the good and not let the immediate 'not so good' things overcome the day.

    I loved James blog post too... lots of good stuff there. Let the gratefulness fill the whole world!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful. And I know what you mean about the school thing. I'm sorta happy that Gracie is back because she LOVES school, but on the other hand, I miss our summer routine- the relaxed mornings, the sounds she makes around the house during the day, the random conversations we had, her attempts for attention ;) Just the right space between relaxation and boredom... Lazy summer afternoons when there'd be someone around to hang out with if I wasn't feeling up to work.


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