Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy birthday, husband!

Readers of this little blog know quite well the affection I have for the man I get to call husband. And today, we get to celebrate him the whole day long!

I looked through a lot of pictures, searching for just the right photo to share. When I saw this one, I knew it was the one. Such a sweet boy he was, what a loving and thoughtful man he is now.

And when I saw this recently, it struck a chord with me:

It is indeed a privilege, husband. I'm so happy to celebrate another birthday with you. xoxo


  1. Such a great pic! Happy, happy day, Alan. We love you!

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  3. O that every man could find a wife that loves him unreservedly and would do anything to please him.

    I love the photo and the quote is perfect!

    Have a very happy birthday, Alan... and many more.

  4. Yes you got a great one! Tell him to brace for a call.

    I very much like the intent of the quote, although I think planets on "other" star systems in our galaxy -- not to mention other galaxies!!! -- are severely under-represented. Sigh..

  5. Very lovely...the photo is so precious, the quote is great and the birthday man ranks among the finest! Happy Birthday to the Man of the Hour!!!


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