Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday 13: Random, and late

1. I had jury duty today. I was pretty convinced I wouldn't be picked to actually serve. Ha.

2. Today the weather went from blue skies to clouds to rainbursts, multiple rainbursts; now we're finishing the day off with a beautiful sunset.

3. I'm currently listening to the song my cousin, Brent, sent me yesterday in response to my Wordless Wednesday. It's fun.

4. The cherry and plum trees are blooming. It's a gift, looking out my office window and seeing the blossoms, dreaming of the fruit...

5. If people would tell the truth, about 75% of the world's problems would go away. Well, a lot of them, anyway.

6. If people stopped doing things they felt the need to then lie about, the other 25% or so of the world's problems would be solved. Solid statistics, that's me.

7. Did I mention I was on a jury today? Thank goodness it was a brief enough process. Interesting, but not sure I could give it days and days of attention.

8. If I had to do a Ten Word Tuesday on the court case: Domestic dispute, harm to property, two guys, accident or malicious?

9. After a very short and non-productive time at work after jury duty, I went to hear Seth play with the Wa-Hi jazz band at a local ale house. The band did awesome, it was very loud in a too-small space, and I'm glad to be home in my comfy George Castanza pants.

10. It's really a shame that there's a bag of SweetTart jelly bean Easter eggs on my desk. Just a crying shame.

11. Are you aware that some people don't like to make lists, or more probably, it just doesn't come naturally to them? I know, I've been shocked to discover that as well. I believe my mother was probably making a list as she gave birth to me, all that she needed to get done later. It's in my DNA, baby. I will always remember my mom and the "town lists" from my childhood. She taught me that you ALWAYS go to the furthest end of your errands and work your way back. Of course. (We lived a ways from town, so you had to make a trip worth your effort and be efficient. Of course.)

12. At Seth's concert tonight, there was a boy who was making eyes at his girlfriend in the audience pretty much the whole show, all the while playing the trumpet. It was sweet on one hand, kind of annoying on the other. Totally unabashed.

13. I need to go find something other than jelly beans to eat. Which reminds me, this is the longest span I've gone without posting a recipe on SweetTea&Sunshine. Sad face. Must remedy that very soon. Time to go stand in front of the refrigerator and mull over cravings and options and see if they line up. Wish me luck.

Happy Thursday. For more Thursday 13s, go here.


  1. Oh, I do hope you got some tasty supper after all.

    I do take a lot of heat for my 'lists' but nice heat. It just helps put things in order from my mind to the paper to the doing...

    Have a lovely Friday!

  2. My ssiter lvoes those SweeTart eggs (SweeTart anythings, really). I do not. But every once in a while I buy some, just to remind myself how much I miss her.

  3. Happy Thursday on a Friday :)

  4. I like the idea of lists, but tend not to make them.
    Thursday Thirteens are actually anomolies in my life, which is probably why I like it.

  5. wow, it's Friday night. Where'd Thursday and Friday go?

    I was called for Jury duty this week too. my number didn't come up tho. I would have been either determining if a guy had not noticed guy run into his car, or had and left scene anyway. Called back for the next case, I wasn't called up again to decide if another guy pulled a knife on his friend and carried it with that intention.

    Hope your case is fairly trauma free for you.


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