Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday night grateful list

Squeaking in under the line with my gratefulness tonight! It's the things I'm most grateful for that have kept me from my computer...

Family. My immediate family is here, in da house. So grateful for all of them--parents and siblings and nieces--that they had safe travels, and that we have the weekend to enjoy each others' company.

Laughter. We have laughed already so much since they all arrived, side-splittingly so. I LOVE that.

Spring. It's here, it's really here. That fact alone makes me wildly giddy. There is green everywhere, and blooms upon blooms. Supposedly we're hitting 80 degrees on Sunday? That would feel like summer, even!

My guys. Whether we're all sitting and talking about our days before bed, spending quiet weekend time together, eating dinner, watching a little telly or having our daily devotions before rushing out into the day, I am daily reminded of how blessed I am, how fortunate we three are to have each other (and each other's backs). Seth's hugs are legendary! And someone told me this week that they thought my husband is sweet on me. Such dear words, I thought. Just the thought of him, and that idea, made me smile.

Cooking up a storm. I love the excuse to have a half dozen different things going on in my kitchen, all at one time! I got most of my prep done last night, so pulling together chicken pot pie, enchiladas, cheesecake, cherry pies and other weekend odds and ends was lovely and reasonably quick. We'll eat well and it won't be a bunch of work at each meal. That makes me happy, too!

The hounds. Shelby and Kim's dogs came along for the weekend, so we have three pups on the property again! Chief seemed especially excited at the prospect of playmates... even with the size disparity--Dante and Beatrice are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, about a third of Chief's border collie size--they sniffed and wagged tails and then frolicked together rather well.

Friends. I'm ever grateful for my mates, the people who round out my life so heartily with their presence, near and far. I am blessed.

My lawn edger. What a silly but practical thing to be grateful for, but I am. Very much. All the work of the brick edging last summer is showed off so nicely with the clean lines I can get with the edger. I had NO idea I would become such a yard implement dork.

Things that bloom. Trees of all kinds, shrubs, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths (big and little), strawberries... it's all in bloom, and some of it smells pretty lovely too. Knock on wood, so far the allergies haven't been horrific, and I've got a few naturopathic ideas to keep them at bay, too. If they work, I'll share--of course!

Sleep. It's coming, my eyelids are getting heavier as I type this... and I will welcome it with a great deal of joy. I am always grateful for a good night of sleep!

With that, I'm going to take this tired body to bed, knowing that our house is full of family and love and that tomorrow will be more time with these lovely folk. Yippee!

I hope your weekend plans make you go yippee too! What are you grateful for tonight? I hope your list is long, and maybe a bit more original than mine? What can I say... I'm grateful for what I'm grateful for!


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  1. This makes me *so* happy, to read this list. It really, really does. I am living vicariously through you! We had family come for Christmas in 2010 and it was amazing.

    I would LOVE to spend more time with my cousins (they are like my siblings) and my sister and brother in-law and my nephew but it can get complicated with work schedules and some family drama (which has been heartbreaking).

    I'm truly hoping to make our house a respite from that, people can come and visit and just be here and not worry about other family in the area or having a hectic vacation schedule. I'm just going to keep working on it and hope someone shows up!

    have a WONDERFUL time <3


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