Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday night grateful list

How does Friday roll around again so quickly? Just amazing, the speed of a week lately (meaning, the past 15-20 years, I guess)...

This week my grateful list includes, but is not limited to:

My husband, who took the afternoon off to play with me (run errands, eat lunch out). Lovely.

My son, who made me so proud last night at his jazz band performance. He had his first trumpet solo in this band, which was a big deal, and when he looked up and smiled at me after he was done, I was a pretty happy momma smiling back.

My family, near and far. The photo above is of me (second from left) and my brother (beside me) and my cousins on my mother's side of the family, at Disneyland, 1976. Cute little ragamuffins, aren't we? I posted this picture three years ago on Facebook, and for some reason today (I think my mother started it, but I'm not sure), it started getting liked and commented on... brought back a lot of memories. Cousins are special relationships. Even though I'm not in regular touch with all the cousins in the picture above, I would do anything I could, for any of them, any time. Family is so dear.

Work. It's humming along, some days more productive/better than others. But I'm still enjoying the challenge and love the plotting/planning/scheming aspect most of all.

Green. The world is GREEN right now. The lawn, the fields, even the peas we've got planted on our 15 acres this year are popping up, finally. I love the lushness of spring!

Rain. We have had some real surprise rainstorms lately. Think it's finished? Wait another five minutes, it's bound to sprinkle again... Lovely, but its helpful to have a raincoat/umbrella handy!

Sunshine. In between those rainshowers, there have been lovely sunny moments. I've actually gotten too warm in the sun a few times this week. I'm not complaining, by any means... just noting.

Lists. I've been thinking about lists a lot lately, and how much they help my life. I am grateful for the energy that putting something down on paper can bring to things I need to accomplish. I think I'm especially happy when crossing things off the list!

Good health. I was noting today that I haven't had the flu in many years (if anything's bound to bring it around, it's gloating about that! I was NOT gloating. Just noting.), and also it's been quite a while since a cold has caught me. I credit the Vitamin D I've been taking on top of my usual Vitamin Cs... but who knows. I'm just glad about it, and grateful.

Faith, that I'm a part of a bigger plan, that my spot in the universe matters and that He's got my back. I'm also grateful, so so grateful for grace; living with the power of grace being extended to me, daily, and working hard to pay that grace forward, into the world.

Humor. I love to laugh, I really do, even if it does on occasion end in a decidedly unladylike snort. Sigh. I don't love the snort, and I'm pretty sure no one else is a big fan either, but it can definitely be a surprise and reason for MORE laughter. Snort!

The weekend! Oh boy I'm glad to be at the weekend. Ready for rest, ready for yard work, ready for naps and Saturday morning breakfasts. All the good stuff. Sunshine, too, that would be nice.

I hope your weekend is everything you want it to be, and that, too, your grateful list is full to overflowing.



  1. Grreat week, Sher. Love your quotes.
    That cousins photo from 1976 is a keeper... love it.

    We too are happy to have some warm spring weather. It was the nicest yesterday so far this year here.

    Was that you hellebores? Gorgeous flower.

  2. Oh yes, it was a good week here too.

    Thank you so much for the jazz piece part way through my week...I felt just a little bit closer for a few minutes. It is on my itunes so I can listen to it any time.

    About valuable. But since we have 'retired' I have been less diligent about a list for what I want to see done in a week thinking that time is at my command and it will all happen eventually...blah, blah, blah! Not so, Funny thing, just before I read your blog this morning I went to my office, got a pad and made some notes of what I need to accomplish before this new week is over. Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement.

    Do love the green Hellebores...had one around here somewhere but I haven't moved around the whole garden once yet...

    And the 'snort' at the end of your laugh is very good...I heard it on skype the other night. Sherwin and I tend to have lots of laughter around here. That was one reason I married the man! And I remember laughing so hard with you and your brother and/or your friends and my sisters, so I have been blessed with lots of laughter too. Good times.

    The photo of you and your cousins is so all have a common heritage that has been steady and strong.

    And your quotes...great!

    I had an epiphany for your haikus yesterday when I was out in the garden...they would make a great calligraphy piece for the wall with art/photos etc...

  3. That cousins picture cracks me up -- sweet! There's something very very sweet about how fiercely the girls are holding hands..

  4. great plaque/bowl and yes, green, green. it heartens, so. a goal to live every day with the spirit of weekend.

  5. I love love love this list. So much that resonated with me. I love lists, too. I am so happy I decided to use my fancy schmancy journal for my daily to-do lists. I used to use scraps of paper, but I love having something beautiful to glance at all day. And green... well, it's fading a little bit around here as the sun intensifies. So we've been responding with lots of water until the rains kick in. But the skies have been beautifully blue with complex, fluffy clouds. And family... family is my favorite.

  6. the disneyland picture is great. by the way what kind of sneakers are you guys wearing ???


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