Monday, April 9, 2012

Haiku spring break

Haiku is a form I haven't written since college (and not very much, then, either). I remembered how challenging it is, but had forgotten (or maybe never knew?) how much fun can be had in the challenge.

While at the coast this past week, I wrote one for each day we relaxed...

Road trips go quickly
these days, electronics help
miles zoom; who needs talk?

Extra zzzzzs, we snore.
Rain drizzles, wind shifts to north;
dog yawns, vacation.

Sunshine hits the hills,
Rain sprinkles 'cross sandy dunes;
I'm inside, content.

Quiet, peaceful me,
listening to the second hand.
Willing time. to. slow.

Relaxed, close to bored.
He's fifteen, so we savor
every minute, sweet.

Bliss through filtered green.
I walk, quick, for images
to capture, hold fast.

Chief pulls at his leash,
eager to sniff, lick, paw, pee.
He's wild for fresh air.

Miles drag their feet, slow.
Trip back, we snack, talk, daydream
we're home already.

Such great memories of our time away, and now that a new week is upon us, it's like it was a month ago already!


  1. I'm a sucker for haiku, always and forever! These were fun, beautiful, meaningful... just like you! xoxo

  2. It's perfect! Have you see "Haikubes"? They are on my wish list- I want to see if they can help me create some haiku since I find it incredibly difficult but really love it.

  3. What a creative memory of your getaway.
    You are a pretty good poet...
    should do it more often.

  4. Had heard of it before but just recently started to read about and think about and try some Haiku.

    Love what you did...thanks for the inspiration.


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