Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday 13: Thursday link love

The past couple of weekends have been busy with home things, actually getting things done! But of course I have taken *some* time out for my usual wanderings around the internet, checking out bits and pieces that intrigue me. And you know I have to share, I'm just the sharing type, right? So I'm not waiting for a "Weekend link love" opportunity, I'm taking advantage of NOW, and sharing 13 interesting places/stories around the web.

1. Why is this news not being blasted from the mountaintops? BPA is found in canned goods as well as plastic? Good to know, even if the researchers are unsure what health effect this has, long term. Good thing we don't eat from tin cans very much. Grrr.

2. I enjoyed this post from one courageous mother, blogging about her cancer journey. Well, she didn't mean for it to be about cancer when she started it as an artsy-jewelry kind of blog a few years ago. But circumstances unfold (cancer, ugh, yuck), and she responded...

3. Have you heard of If you haven't, you should check it out. You have to sign up, but that's a minor whatever. There are many fun, pretty items, on sale. I have yet to buy anything, but it sure is fun to look. Check out these pretty iPhone covers:

4. Remember when Facebook used to update you with information on the pages you followed? I think they were called updates, right? Then they changed the whole "pages" thing and went with more of a business-page idea, and if you like something, updates end up in your feed. But sometimes, you still get messages, apparently. Where are they? Just below your messages themselves, in that left-hand column. I had not looked there in more than a year, and when I read this article, I decide to go looking. There were mostly updates from people/companies/blogs I'd followed for a while, but there were also a couple of "hey, wanna be my friend" messages from people I DO NOT know, and have no desire to know. Maybe I'm the only one who hadn't kept up with the "other" messages, but I'm glad to now know. (Creepy people now blocked, thank you very much.)

5. This interesting story about a small weekly suburban publication in Boston caught my attention. Seems the publisher can't figure out a reason why he'd want to publish online. Given that he doesn't seem to have any competition (print or digital) in his area, I say let's start an online rag to compete! Give him a reason to get digital. OK, that might be mean, but he's pretty much advertising for someone to do it.

6. I have had good luck with interval training in the past, and this post reminded me why I should take it up again. I did a couple of days at the beginning of the week, and enjoyed it. Now to make it a regular thing!

7. So apparently cupcakes are only for the middle to upper classes now? I guess at $2.50-$4 a pop, that makes sense...

8. Take a look at these paper dolls that have been crafted especially for Downton Abbey fans. What a hoot! The scary thing would be to find adult women actually playing with them (I have my eye on you, Jen! And Megan! And all the rest of you!)

And of course, in keeping with the ongoing (and sadly, now waiting for season 3) Downton Abbey obsession, this explanation of the highs and lows  of British cuisine was quite interesting to me. Also in the Downton vein, an article on how Downton Abbey has made PBS "cool" again. (For some of us Masterpiece/Nature geeks, it always was...) Just yesterday I was sent a link to this hilarious recap of the Downton finale. (Language warning. Really. Don't say I didn't warn you.) Just about wet my pants laughing. Thanks, Robin!

9. I enjoyed this blog post about the various kinds of commenters out there in blogland. Glad I only have the kind and thoughtful ones, so far... What's your experience? Any trolls out there in your world?

 9. This "what I really do" meme has taken off like a rocket around the interwebs, and a wide variety of themes have arisen. Mashable has a compilation of career-related ones, but I think my favorites are the ones like the North Dakota one above, where all the pictures are the same. But then I see another one, and then that one is my favorite. I am a sucker for this meme, true story.

10. This piece about how our media diets mimic our actual diets (ie, cheap and easy) is an interesting way to look at both phenomenons. (Here's an interview with the author on NPR, if you'd prefer to listen.)

12. And to follow the point of the article just mentioned (re: media diets), the picture above pretty much sums it up. The fact that I know who that is really bothers me.

13. And back to more enlightening topics, this piece about sleep really woke me up! I never knew that there had been other kinds of sleep patterns, hundreds of years ago. Makes sense that we have tried to jam it all up into one 8-hour slot, so we can get more done! Maybe I shouldn't fight the 3 a.m. wake-toss-thing?

That's it from me this week. Hope there was a link or two that piqued your interest! What have you read lately that kept your interest? I would love to know.

For other Thursday 13 participants, go here. And have a great Thursday, while you're at it!


  1. Oh, everyone seems to love Downton Abbey. I've got to check it out. Happy TT!

  2. I do not know who Snookie is, though I have heard the name. I guess that means I am still safe.

    I actually agree with the publisher about not putting his paper online. Why give it away for free? The writers need to be paid. I know, I was once one of those writers. And now I'm not, because they gave away my work online.

  3. Holy cow. MonaSnookie. Too funny.

    Enjoy your Thursday!

  4. Lots of good nuggets in there...not sure I could pick a favorite. I loved the cupcake thing....and the posters :) Now I am off to check out

  5. I checked out many of your links this usual :-) The BBC news one about sleep was particularly interesting...I'd like to put that link on FB if you don't mind me borrowing? Also, I'm reading about One Crafty Mother's cancer journey. effing cancer!!! Tonsil cancer? who knew!

  6. Tell me, who is no. 12? Can't wait to try out a bunch of your suggestions. I really do want to get going on cupcakes. The cupcake people in Victoria went 'blip' so now I have to do it for myself.

    And I was just going to buy you a set of the Downton Abbey paper dolls...huh! I still have not taken the time to sit down for a long session and do Season One. And I need to purchase Season Two before they are all gone. I love the fellow who wrote this series. Have seen him in some other British stuff.

    Will get back to you when I read the rest in detail.

  7. Thanks for posting the link with those iPhone covers. I might get me a new one!

    And I love the picture about "What I do" North Dakota- I have a friend from there!! I'm gonna pass it along!

    Hope you are doing well!


  8. I never thought I'd find anything more fun than the Law & Order coloring book, but Downton Abbey paper dolls? They soooo win.

  9. so much linky fun!!
    + i am so grateful, too,
    for my link to you.
    happy weekend, sweet friend.

  10. Enjoyed all the links! Thanks for taking the time to share.


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