Monday, February 27, 2012

Common Miracles: Week #42

 “Rejoicing in ordinary things is not sentimental or trite. It actually takes guts. Each time we drop our complaints and allow everyday good fortune to inspire us, we enter the warrior’s world.”
–Pema Chodron

It's been a while since I've participated in the Common Miracles project, and if I wait for actual time on my hands to jump back in, it won't happen. Too much, on too many plates. And they're all spinning, madly. (But happily.)

This video may be overstating it (you think?), but boy did I laugh heartily when I was thinking of illustrating plates, spinning, juggling things:

Meanwhile, what's going on in my miraculous world? Here's what I noticed today:

* Smiles. You know how "they" always say smiles make a difference? True story, that. One of those things where legend and reality meet up.

* Boots and tights. Wonderful for cold mornings. Especially cold, sorta-snowy mornings!

 * Our dear dog. So after he learns how to text, I want to teach Chief how to make my morning coffee. Seems doable, don't you think? He watched me making my latte this morning with such rapt attention and intelligence, I have to believe he could get the hang of it. (Kind of like those Geico guinea pigs rowing, right?)

* Dreams. I have been having some whackadoodle dreams lately. Co-workers, dogs (duh), my dad circa 1978 (no beard though), therapy circles in the grass, and a child I once thought was really sweet, apparently not so much! Basically my subconscious, once removed. Hilarious and kinda makes my day/night. Knock on wood there isn't a crossing over into nightmare-land...

* Robins. Saw a robin with a bright red breast in the snow this morning. The contrast was stunning. Obviously the groundhog forgot to copy the robins in on the six-more-weeks-of-winter memo! I got it, I just didn't believe it.

* Spontaneous singing. Must say, I have the best kid. Bursting into Am I a Man, or Am I a Muppet? in the kitchen and having your son join in? Bonus.

* Cheese. I was talking with husband this weekend about food cravings--of which he has very few. How is that possible? Me, on the other hand? I have them quite frequently, and they almost always involve cheese, in some variety or form. Am I predictable or what?!

* Family read/prayer time in the morning. It's quick and we're often hurried, but it is one of my very favorite parts of my morning... my day, too. I am blessed, we are blessed, and stopping for just a minute and remembering that, saying thanks for this family I am so thankful for? Bonus.

* Husband's key in the lock, home after an evening meeting. Love that sound.

* Music that makes my heart happy. Case in point today:

There. A snapshot of my common miracles, on this day (just like any other day), in this week (just like any other week), in this month (just any other month).

Except it's not. It was today. And there will never be another one just like it. I'm glad I got to live it. And I'm glad you did too.

To learn more about the Common Miracles project, go here.

What miraculous happenings took place in your world today?


  1. What a joy to read about your day. I think you get a lot more out of your day than most... and it is because you put more effort into making your day meaningful.

    You don't waste time just sleeping... even there you are multi-tasking! Dreaming.

    I loved both of the video treats. I think the plate spinning must very closely illustrate how most of your day goes. You are a pretty amazing woman.

    I can see how teaching your dog to text and make coffee would help you out a lot... but the whole point of the Geico ad is to sell insurance... not encourage enterprising endeavours.

    What a fun read.

  2. Sherwin leaves the best comments <3 <3 <3

  3. Were the Puppini sisters the girls who sang with Michael Buble at Christmas?

    I can see you laughing your head off while you watch the plate spinning guy on Ed Sullivan...that is the level of entertainment we grew up with...pretty talented guy there, right.

    So glad you do have dreams. That is the sign of a healthy mind. The remembering of dreams is a good exercise. I hate it when I wake up, know I have had a great dream and then cannot remember it all.

    Love your videos, love your miracles, keep on, keeping on!!!

  4. Hey Girl...just watched the geico guinea gotta get yourself some little g pigs! Looks doable. Maybe by then you will have Chief trained to train them.

  5. You know, your idea on teaching Chief how to text got me thinking about our cats texting. Yesterday, on the way home from errands, Tom, Gracie, and I thought about the things that our cats would text to us if we were out. It was LOTS of fun.

    Ginger would just text "HUNGRY HUNGRY PLEASE FEED ME HUNGRY iloveyouverymuchandwillsitonyourlapassoonasyoucomeinthedoor HUNGRY HUNGRY"

    Delilah wouldn't respond to our texts. Not because she's not nice, but because i don't think she'd have the patience for it.


    We haven't decided what Winne would text. We'll do that on the next long car trip ;)


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