Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday 13: Gingerbread houses galore!

Last holiday season, a gingerbread house caught my fancy. And boy did it. I have looked at this house numerous times in the intervening months, thinking about what it would take to pull off making a replica... and then, just tonight I saw that the plans for it (my big holdout on making it--ugh, drawing up plans, where's my dad when I need him?) are now for sale. Sweet.

Check it out. An inspired approach to gingerbreading, this take on Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.

In my research on gingerbread houses, thinking about making one (other than the grocery store kits I've bought in the past!), I uncovered some beauties. I can't help but share 13 of them with you...

1. An Ewok gingerbread house (and catch a load of that Death Star!)

2. A sweet little stone-front gingerbread house. Cute shutters, too!

3. A sweet white gingerbread house. Not to be confused with THE White House (which has also been made gingerbread style...).

4. A midcentury-modern style gingerbread house. That's my speed!

5. A whole host of amazing gingerbread houses featured in a Festival of Trees.

6. A replica of a historical Newfoundland gingerbread house--lit up!

7. And of course you know Martha's got to have a gingerbread house contest, right? I thought this shoe house was quite a unique creation!

8. There were quite a few good ideas over at this post about gingerbread house inspiration. The house is very cute too--lots of attention to detail.

9. A few actual house patterns and gingerbread swans! I couldn't help but include them... somewhere under all that icing is gingerbread, I suppose.

10. How-tos and a beautiful gingerbread hotel.

11. A beach house!

12. Rustic, a log cabin gingerbread house

13. And, while not really a ginger bread house, it does have gingerbread houses IN it, and it is so colorful, I just had to include it.

Well, there you have it. More gingerbread houses than you could ever hope to make in a lifetime...

Which one is your favorite? Me, I'm still hankering after Fallingwater...

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  1. Oh, these are all awesome. Who would think? I like the Frank Lloyd Wright house the best.

  2. How wonderful like the old fashioned best but all great ..sandy

  3. Oh my gosh- that last one. I just WANT that so badly. How beautiful is that? It's like a holiday dream come true.

  4. Ooooo...neat!
    Those swans are beautiful!

    Have a great Thursday!

  5. Wow, some of these show real skill.

  6. These are wonderful! Now I feel sad that I've never seen one in person, nor actually tasted gingerbread.

    Happy T13,

    13 Pieces of Eye Candy

  7. How lovely is that? Fallingwater is spectacular but I am quite partial to the first white house...not The White House. I have been wanting to make sugar cookies, dip them half way in a white glaze and then add white and/or silver candy beads to the glazed section. Love the idea of white on white!

    Great thirteen (as usual).

  8. A very inspiring blog post.

    I would help you do the Falling Watern house...

    But since I have done a model of our existing house before doing the reno project, it would be pretty easy to copy it all in gingerbread.

    Only thing is it would bother me to see it eaten up! It would be like distroying a work of art.


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