Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

It's still early as I being my weekly gratitude ritual, and we're already hankering for bed. It's the dark, I tell you, the dark. This crazy darkness... I could NEVER live at either of the poles, no way. I know, this is shocking news. You'd never have guessed that! Ha.

So, this week. Wow, did this week feel long. And not in a good I-got-alot-done kind of way. More like it-feels-like-the-longest-week-ever, thank you very much.

One of the contributing factors to the oh-so-long week was the passing of our dear, beloved Jack. He of the most sweet and kind eyes, the lover of belly rubs (well, basically any kind of attention), and dog of ritual. His standard greeting for me as I returned home and opened the garage door was to approach my car by the driver's side and make sure it was me, and then lead me in a kind of crazy-8 fashion into the garage. Oh how I miss my garage lead-in guy... I am grateful for Jack that he wasn't sick, and didn't have a protracted illness. He just got old. But until the end, his energy was good and his love was that boundless unconditional adoration I can learn so much from. He was always the stable dog, the pack leader. Never too barky, never too out of sorts, just constant and precious. His loss is felt very deeply in our house right now.

I'm grateful for Darby (Jack's sister) that she has Chief right now. They are both a little wide-eyed and lost, and every time I come home they check out my car's hatchback, Chief especially, sure that Jack has just been at the vet's and will come bounding out of the back of my car as they've all done countless times.

I'm grateful for my husband, my communicative and thoughtful husband. It was the kind of week where having each other to talk to and lean on felt extra needed, extra special... just extra. 

The sunshine this week has been lovely, at least three days of clear and sunny. What bliss. Other than wishing for snow, this is the other kind of weather I most adore this time of year! I'm grateful our weather has been mild this winter, so far. Makes whatever comes later feel almost doable.

I'm grateful for time and energy to enjoy holiday baking. I got a good crack at it yesterday and today, and am feeling ready for what's ahead in the next couple of weeks. Having fun with some experimenting, and also with some tried-and-trues. Mmmmm, what is it about butter and sugar and flour all coming together that is just delightful?

The Christmas lights around town are starting to go up, and you can see trees through front windows too. Whoever came up with the idea of Christmas lights originally must have been like me and gotten just sick of the darkness. Well, bravo Christmas light person, whoever you were. It's the one palatable thing about the dark, seeing all the wild lights everywhere. I'm grateful for the lights, and the cheer they bring.

I'm grateful to have options in finding my baking supplies. If I had only one grocery store from which to glean my many nuts and butters and chocolates and such, I'd be out of luck at least half the time. I do the rounds (and we'll hit up Costco this weekend too for some choice bulky ingredients too) and eventually find it all, but it is good to have options!

Technology continues to bring out my grateful, whether it's the IMs from Seth or the texts from thoughtful friends or the quick check-in from husband between meetings, I am grateful for the ability to stay in touch.

From yummy dinners to thoughtful flowers at Jack's passing to calls and texts, I really do have the best friends. Ever. I'm grateful for each and every one.

And because I need a little mood lift (and so do you, I'm sure), here are a few images I've pinned recently that make me smile.

thundercloud (I am so using this one!)

nutellanails (and I thought I was a nutella nut...)

turkeybaby (kinda creepy, kinda funny...)

bunnybaby (yep, that was what the week felt like; where's my bunny suit?)

I hope that whatever your week has held, it's been a good one. What's on your grateful list this Friday night?

Me, I'm sleeping. And napping. And then maybe sleeping some more. (With some butter, sugar and flour thrown in for good measure, of course.) 



  1. I'm sending y'all so much love right now. Losing a pet is just so difficult- it's draining and it leaves a huge giant hole inside that can only heal with time- I just wish I had some words to make it a tiny bit better. I'm so glad that Jack had the happiest life possible, filled with tons of love and the companionship of great people and other lovely doggies. I truly believe there is another place beyond this one for dogs and kitties and birds and lizards and everyone else, where they are all all happily occupied until we can come and claim them again, and maybe even claim some of the ones that we were *meant* to have, as well. *huge hugs*

  2. Oh, how those critters teach us about love. I'm so sorry you've lost one of yours. I've been thinking about you lots this week, sending hugs in the direction of your pack. :) xoxo

  3. Loss of loving pets is hard, I know. When we lived in Mexico those 4 winters I felt so badly for the hundred of dogs I saw living there mistreated and abused and was heartbreaking. It was a constant ache in my heart. To leave Scruffie every spring was achy...

    Do love your points of 'smile' at the end...especially the thundercloud one...they are all good.

    Thinking of you all with love.

  4. I believe those who have faith in God find comfort in Him when losing a friend. Just as we believe we will see our loved ones again in heaven, is it not possible we will also see our pets there too?

    "I think God will have prepared everything for our perfect happiness. If it takes my dog being there [in heaven] I believe he'll be there." -Billy Graham

  5. Oh, Jack :-) He was so beautiful!!!

    I volunteered to take pictures of doggies this weekend at this place
    Deno, Stephanie, Dolly & Garrett were the dogs I took pictures of...the shots I did aren't up yet, but I think I got a couple decent ones, at least of Deno & Garrett. Stephanie & Dolly were FULL of energy and solid dogs. I had fun, tho! Dave fell in love with one of the puppies they had, a red one. I don't know if you're on Google+ but I posted a picture of that one :-)


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