Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday night grateful list

From an airplane, my view is always a bit skewed. I find myself consistently more thankful, more aware, really "awake," maybe even hyper-so. Very profound, too. Just wait, you'll see. Ha.

OK, I'm mostly kidding about the profound. But I am thankful, as always.

This week went by so quickly. Being gone for two days--one play, one work--will do that! I am grateful to be a 38-minute flight from home as I write this... Well, 38 minutes plus one hour to drive... somebody didn't book their ticket early and forgot that the departure day would also be a prime "get out of Dodge" travel day for many local college students leaving Walla Walla... Hence, ticket from Pasco...

My play day was a lovely catch up with dear friend Kate, a little shopping, a movie and a whole lotta talking. And a really great lunch at a new place in Seattle's U Village shopping area: Grace Kitchen. Yum comfort food, and what a great name, eh? I'm grateful for longstanding friendships, and the ease with which I can just be me with my good friends... I know I am amply blessed in that arena, and I don't take it for granted, at all.

I'm grateful to return home tonight to husband, to a warm house and a loving spouse. Again: blessed and not taking it for granted.

Here comes Christmas! I can't believe it is so soon! What happened to December, seriously?! While it's been quite a pleasant month, really, I could handle a bit of a slowdown... Maybe, in old LP vernacular, I'd like the month (a 45, if you will) played at 33 1/3... Hmmm, that was a little less graceful sounding than I imagined... So much for profundity... so where's the grateful in this paragraph? I'm grateful for the moments of quiet December has held, in spite of the apparent whoosing noise as it zooms by...

Once I'm home tonight, it can snow. And snow. And then snow some more. I am grateful that my travel this month hasn't been terribly stunted by the weather (if you don't count that icky fog last Friday!), and all roads/paths passable.

I'm grateful that Seth gets a break from school, and that we get a piece of that break. In the world of divvied up holidays, it's rare to get both a chunk of Thanksgiving and the Christmas break too, do I'm extra-bonus-grateful for the week ahead. Time to savor, for Mom.

I'm not yet sick of the flavors of the season... In fact, I'm not sure I could ever get tired of them... I suppose in time... The cranberries, the pumpkin (creamer, especially!), the eggnog--I have two serious eggnog boys in my house, I'm pale by comparison--the peppermint, the chocolate, the nuts... Oh, I'm getting the baking crave going again... Just a few more goodies to make... I'm so grateful for these flavors, and all the memories they elicit in me.

Now, finally, safely home. I promised myself that tonight the list would be "plane-length"--whatever I could get written in those 38 minutes, that would be it... so, although I'm sure I could dream up a few more things to be grateful for, I'm going to stick with this, and say good night. I wish you a glorious weekend, filled with all the things that make your particular holiday special and merry.

But, I can't resist sharing a couple of songs that went through my mind tonight as I was on my way home... not Christmasy, but very much in the mind toward heading back to my place of comfort and love: home.

What stood out from the holiday rush and bustle on your grateful list this week? Tell me.

I hope that whatever your weekend holds, you are home.



  1. Oh! I ate at Grace Kitchen for the 1st time a coupla weeks ago, too. I had their creamy parsnip soup. So delicious I could've slurped it down... might've licked the bowl, too, if I hadn't been seated in the middle of the room.
    I'm enjoying your blog. You are as upbeat as I remember you from ancient years ago. Have a lovely holiday.

  2. Before I even saw the videos you posted, I was singing "Homeward Bound" in my head. Serendipity :)

  3. Well, I am sorry to say that we are quite un-Christmasy around here this decorations, no tree, no lights, no fancy baking but last night I put on some great Christmas music and just listened.

    And of course when you look at Pinterest you see all manner of cool ideas for Next Christmas when we will do it up Right!!!!

  4. Aways good to read your grateful list. You have a good life.

    I am the most grateful for being finished the drywall in the pantry... so it is now ready for paint. So much to do... so little time left.

    Before one can blink twice Christmas will be here and over.

  5. doesn't "home" lead us to such deep places?! as i pause after reading your post, i asked myself what was swooshing in my heart w/this word, + i remembered greeting my niece friday night + as she hugged me, she whispered "home". wow. i am so grateful to remember + savor that now. it got lost in the family commotion (lots of people/talking/regular stuff) but isn't lost in me now. thank you, friend. XOX


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