Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

It's been quite a while since I've let almost a whole week go by without posting... if ever there was a week to do it, though, this staycation-ish week was definitely it. There wasn't a lot of intention behind it--I know quite a few bloggers who take an intentional online hiatus, but nope, not me. I just get super chill with the whole holiday thing and before you know it, nada. Zippo. Zilch. Alas.

I'm ever so grateful for this week, for the time that husband and I have had, here at home. Usually we're running around one place or another, but this year it just seemed right to stay home. And rather than chafe with that decision, it's been one of the best weeks husband and I have had for a vacation week. Even though he's actually worked a bit most days, he's been able to relax. And I've gotten far less done than I wanted to/thought I would/aspired to, so naturally it's been quite relaxing for me as well!

We got a tip on Christmas day from husband's sister that maybe we might like watching House Hunters, on HGTV. We both love real estate, looking at houses, dreaming of possibilities... and so we dialed up a few on the dvr... and what do you know, we do like it! We also watched some of the international variety, and I think we both got a little of our traveling/wanderlust taken care of vicariously through that! 

The weather has been unseasonable, to say the least. Oddly warm, with wind and some rain, but no snow... drat for that, but otherwise, it's been quite pleasant. I'm grateful for the warmth (of a kind, don't go comparing us to somewhere actually WARM), and know that it will probably end here soon...

Lots and lots of year-end lists and recaps and rundowns running around online and in the media right now... I am reading some, but not all. I get tired of all the recap hoo-ha. I much prefer looking forward (especially this year, for some reason), with a little inspiration thrown in. I saw this 2011 recap post from Purl Bee this morning and am in the midst of a new crochet project myself, so the crafty inspirational groove is on, baby! I'm always grateful for color and texture and creativity.

While I didn't make as much progress with my home office this week as I'd like, I did make SOME progress. What's the saying, it's always messier before it's cleaner? Well, if it's not a saying, it should be. It's my saying, anyway. I'm still in the messier, but veering toward the cleaner/more organized. I have to say (once again), that Pinterest is making the idea of throwing out magazines that much more appealing. Why would I keep old copies of Bon Apetit or Food&Wine, when I KNOW I won't go through them. Why would this year be any different than the past 6 years I've had them tucked away? Really! Welcome to my recycling pile! (Though, if anyone local would like them, holler and I will box them up all special-like for you. Seriously. But the clock is ticking. Monday morning is recycle day!) All that is to say, I'm grateful for the cleaning bug, when it does arrive.

I got a croissant tutorial from my dear friend Laura this morning, and there is croissant dough in my fridge just waiting for tomorrow morning to be baked. Can't wait! I learned a lot about smashing butter into submission, and I won't share how much butter exactly is in croissants, but we're slipping them in under the new year's wire, before butter takes a hiatus for a little while and we focus more on bran muffins than buttery pastries. But oh, how heavenly they will be! I'm grateful for inspirational friends, who listen and share, too. I also had a chance to catch up with a friend from boarding school days this past week--we last saw each other during our college years when I visited the college she was at in Texas for a inter-collegiate conference. I think we decided it must have been 1990... a very long time ago! But we picked up with not much (some Facebook, of course) chit chat over the years, and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Andrea is inspirational in many ways, running a business and juggling home and work and all her creative artistic ventures! Fabulous to catch up, and hopefully it won't be another 21 years!

I've been oddly grateful for the break from holiday sweets and treats. I posted something about caramel corn on Facebook--should I taper off or go cold turkey? Truth is, I just lost interest. Sometimes my sweet tooth runs its course and I'm just done. D.O.N.E. That also coincides nicely with the new-year-must-behave thoughts that always roll around (literally, roll. Get it?) in my brain each late December.

Just got a call from my Grandma, with some thanks for a Christmas gift. I am SO grateful to have a Grandma, period. That she calls me on occasion, that's just gravy. I am always so tickled when she does that!

In spite of all the relaxation of the week (or maybe because of it?), I am glad and grateful to be at the weekend, and ready to celebrate the new year with husband. What do you have on tap for NYE'11? I hope it brings you a lot of joy and happiness, even if it's to bed by 9 with a good book!

What are you grateful for this week? Another year gone by? Survived the holiday with the relatives, everybody's still alive? Got what you wanted from Santa? Tell me!


  1. What am I thankful for?

    I am grateful for a daughter who never misses a Friday evening to post her thankful thoughts on her blog. Would that all of us were as faithful as you.

    May your tribe increase!

    Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

  2. I'm grateful for a quiet week- we had lots of fun, Gracie finished recovering from her cold, we saw good movies, we played lots of Wii family games together, we all had a chance to catch our breath, and still have a tiny bit of magical holiday spirit (the kind without anxiety and the kind where we still like to look at twinkle lights) in it all.

  3. I'm grateful for feeling a bit more inspired as of late! Is my mojo creeping back? Might be!!!


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