Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

With a little YouTube rummaging around, I have managed to find a video for (almost) any Christmas mood. Let me know if I've missed a mood that you're in and I'm sure I can find one for it!

(When I was done with my tagging each video with imagined "moods," it occurred to me that maybe someone needs to write a book about the Christmas elves... you know, Peaceful, Surly, Thoughtful, Tearful, Nostalgic, Peppy... OK, I obviously have too much time on my hands now that the baking is over. On the bright side, I got some absolutely amazing colorful yarn for Christmas, so I should be getting busy with that any moment...)



Surly/cynical (language warning)



(Sarah's pretty much a surefire go-to for tears, for me...)

Nostalgic for the '80s

Nostalgic for the '70s

Peppy/rockin' out

(I have those mittens, fyi!)

I'm not sure what mood this represents, but I'm in awe of the work that this took...

And special for Seth, who really enjoyed Straight No Chaser this year more than ever:

Merry Christmas, everyone. May the spirit of Christmas be with you, not just today but throughout the year. Wouldn't that be amazing? And exhausting. But amazing, for sure.



  1. Ummm...was wondering where the names of the elves came from. Very interesting.

    Like the songs, especially the cellos, aren't they wonderful? ...or rather, the cello.

    Glad you have those mittens. Good reminder.

  2. WOW- Samantha Brown! TOO funny! I used to be absolutely obsessed with her show "Great Hotels" (I think it was called that).


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