Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday 13: Videos for your amusement

My Thursday 13 this week is a video post. I've been collecting them for a bit, and had to edit down to get to 13... get a cup of coffee (or tea!), put your feet up for a bit, and enjoy!

1. Balloons... a whimsical little story... is it a dream or a nightmare? Seriously.

2. Etsy love: This girl has some really refreshing thoughts. I'm so glad she shares them; her hats and scarves are lovely too.

3. Ode to the brain: Seth showed me this one--it's got that whole autotune thing going on. The TED talks that they edited into this video are actually quite good, check them out here and here.

4. Check out this early ad from Robin Williams. Funny guy.

5. Videos that morph can be kind of cheesy I suppose, but I like this one, a lot.

6. Baby wants her bottle! What a funny little girl, I love her fearlessness.

7. Big Wheel vs. the NYC bus: This one is pretty funny too--just shows you how slow traffic moves in the city, eh? I'm surprised he didn't get run over.

8. When Harry Met Sally 2: So funny, that Helen Mirren. Billy's not bad either.

9. Rickrolling politicians: So glad this is how taxpayer money is being spent! (But it's also quite humorous...)

10. Wild, wild waves! And on a river, no less...

11. Beatles cover... a little different than *my* dorm experience, for sure.

12. YoYo Ma and Lil Buck: Talk about a creative collaboration. YoYo Ma always keeps doing new and fresh things, I love that.

13. '80s dating video... I wonder where these guys are now?!

And here's a bonus video... I just can't help it. Found this one after the whole post was composed, and don't want to take one out to make room... (and it's just too cute to save for later).

I SO want to do this... get a couple of bunnies and train, train, train! I can hear husband laughing now...

Hope your Thursday is going well so far! Which one was your favorite video?

For more Thursday 13 participants and to play along, go here.


  1. loved the Beatles song! Might borrow that for FB :) What a great bunch of videos you put togther, I enjoyed watching, thanks!

  2. I will be cracking up over that baby video all day. That was priceless and exactly the kind of toddler I'd end up with. Fearless and fierce, and still in diapers!

    Happy TT,

    13 Social Sites

  3. Each more entertaining than the others. Not a klinker in the bunch. Thanks.

  4. What a great collection of fun and crazy stuff! It is hard to pick just one. The red balloon story was interesting... where is he now? How did they get him down?

    Really loved the women in art disolving from one to another... only wish I could name them all.

    Probably the very funnest one was the dorm guys singing... the cover tune grab bag boys. Very creative. They had a lot of fun making that one!

    Oh the jumping bunnies... I can see you loving that one a lot too!

    A very fun waste of time... I mean insiring use of time!

  5. Love that art history one!! I'm a sucker for anything having to do with art. That's the first one I watched and now I'm gone to take some time and watch the rest :)

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