Monday, May 23, 2011

Common miracles: #2

I have spent my life watching, not to see beyond the world, merely to see, great mystery, what is plainly before my eyes. I think the concept of transcendence is based on a misreading of creation.
With all respect to heaven, the scene of miracle is here, among us. -Marilynne Robinson

This quote jumped out at me from my readings this morning, and I thought, what a perfect way to not only start my week, but to participate in Common Miracles again.

As I get ready to go spend time in the yard (even though it's kinda cool and damp out there again), I am really struck by the common miracle of mindset. This spring I have been dreading the yard, honestly. I'm behind before I get started (didn't finish stuff up well and proper last fall), and feeling overwhelmed with all I have to do. And yet I am not structuring my time properly to accomplish the stuff I need to do... I could go on, but it sounds a "little poor me."

So the common miracle is that I spent a number of hours outside on Friday and had a total mental shift. It was sunny, which always helps. I enjoyed the fresh air, I made progress and even though there is still a LOT to do, I feel like it's doable, one day at a time (it always was, it's just how I see it, see?).

We spent time again in the garden on Sunday, husband rototilled the blueberry patch and I got that replanted, and finished off some of the veggie areas as well... Seth even came out and helped me thin the radishes, and now my task for the day is to get the drip irrigation back to 100%. There are still a few chewed spots that Ruby left her indelible mark on last fall, and I need to get those fixed and ready for real warmth.

The mindset thing is big for me. I am a huge believer in the concept that the circumstances can be the same for two individuals, and it's all in how they perceive it and react to it that drives their reality. I've seen it, time and again. I've lived it, even. For me, it can sometimes (most times?!) be just planting myself in the situation (the yard) and putting one foot in front of the other, and waiting for the mindset to catch up. If I wait for the spirit to strike, I could wait all day (and I have, a few days this spring, for sure).

That's my Common Miracle for today, and I'm on the lookout for others... I hope your day is miraculous, common and otherwise.

If you'd like to participate in Common Miracles, go here.


  1. your garden sounds wonderful!!!

  2. I LOVE that quote- so fitting!!

    This post has me really fired up, in a really good way. It's amazing how just a tiny bit of doing- just a tiny bit of getting our hands dirty (whatever it is) - changes our perspective on things. It' so important to remember.

    And sunshine ALWAYS helps!! Please take photos of your garden, if you have the chance and inclination- I'd love to see a "real" garden (as opposed to a container garden!) in action!

  3. Mindset is a wonderful gift...what I find amazing is that even at my age, still, I need to be reminded that my mind is not going where it should.

    Last week I found a very excellent quote that says something like this. "The weather looks a lot worse than it is from the inside of the windows.? If I just get up and go out it is a beautiful day!!!

  4. There is something very therapeutic about doing gardening and yard work... but I sure do understand the "getting going" thing.

    Yesterday we knew Dr. Daylight, a tree service man, was going to come from Saturna to check out my request to cut down about half a dozen problem trees shading our greenhouse.

    What we didn't know was that he was prepared to actually do the work yesterday.

    So between noon and 5 pm a lot of things changed around here... about 8 or 9 trees are laying on the ground and none of them fell into the greenhouse, or the power line, or the water reservoir.

    It looks like a war zone with trees and branches scattered everywhere... so guess what we will doing week... besides preparing for your visit?

    I think you will be amazed at the change you will see. Our greenhouse will enjoy the extra sunshine!


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