Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

This week it is very simple and immediate.

I am thankful for my family. For my husband, who I would travel on any adventure with, any time, anywhere. For my young man, who fills me with all kinds of mommish pride with his just being, and sends me texts to make me smile, and says very, very honest things to me that remind me of being young. (It feels very long ago and far away). For my mom and dad, who never fail to make us feel welcome and welcome and welcome when we visit. For my brother, who is knit into my earliest memories, and his precious wife, whose presence in our family I am indeed thankful for. For the dear nieces, with their smiles and giggles and hugs and stories and pets and rainbow toes.

I am also thankful for the challenges that come our way. Without challenges, I wouldn't know how sweet it is to walk in the sunshine; I would probably complain about the glare! Without challenges, I know that I would so quickly forget my need of God, lose my awareness of myself within a larger context and universe, and I would blithely glide along (tra la la). And, I'm also quite aware that, in perspective, my particular challenges tain't nothin'. And for that I'm thankful!

Hope you are thankful too, wherever you are. And your weekend filled with joy and rest.

(If you're paying any attention to when this is posted, I feel it's important to note that I'm posting with 41 minutes to spare to make Friday night, PST. We're finally off the ferry to Mayne Island, and it was a long, long day to get here, and sleep will be so sweet. When I said to the boys, well, this will be the first time since I started blogging that I won't have posted the grateful list ON Friday night, Seth was most encouraging that it still happen--you must, Mom! So here I am. Now 40 minutes to spare...)


  1. Yes, it wouldn't be Friday night without your 'list' but please forgive my lateness in comments but am just catching my breath.

    I had a vision this morning of the memory of the was rather like our house was one large aquarium and we were all fishes and sea creatures floating around one another. I think we did very well with 9 people and 2 dogs and all that jazz...

    Thanks for the memories...


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