Monday, May 30, 2011

Common miracles: #3

Vacation brings about a different mindset, don't you think? Much more conducive to common miracle spotting! Being in relaxed mode helps open up my brain to the little details...

We took a walk down to Piggot Bay, and I was struck by the beauty in the mess of driftwood and debris. It looked to me like someone had gotten there before us and arranged it just for our viewing.

Blue sky is a miracle these days, it seems. I love the deepest part of the blue. (The water was really still, too. Perfect for ocean kayaking...)

I have been working on my braiding skills, and my lovely sister-in-law is a patient recipient of my practice. I love how practice improves just about anything you're working on... it reminds me of other things (piano, especially) that I've let go and regret letting go...

These lilacs captivated my mom and dad down at the park--I wish I'd gotten a picture of the two of them taking pictures together, like paparazzi stalking the lilac bush. I got a little closer and the lilacs captivated me as well.

 My mom's apple pie is indeed miraculous. We all enjoyed a little graduation celebration for Seth, as he'll be finishing off middle school in a week or so.

It's been a lovely family time together. Re-entry to reality will take a bit to get used to...

To play along with Common Miracles, go here. It's a fun project that Chel of Ginger Blue Studios started just recently, and it's a great reminder to stop and look for the miracles in the little things.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
-Robert Brault


  1. I really *love* this post. I love getting peeks into other people's days, especially when they are on holiday. I'm trying to get into that "vacation mindset", as well. Gracie is done with school until August, we have family coming in a few weeks, so for the next two weeks I am hoping we can do a little stay-cation of sorts. Lots of napping and reading and playing and splashing and sitting on the swing, sipping iced tea.

  2. Thank you so much for a grand holiday for all of missed hot dogs and s'mores tonight at the fire least we missed you all.

    I know how many miles it is from your house to ours but I cannot tell you how we enjoyed your time here. Always a joy. Weren't those lilacs absolutely lovely?

    It was a great weekend. Happy trails...until we meet again.

  3. What beautiful scenery! Wow! Looks like a fabulous family wekeend :)

  4. This past weekend we were double blessed. When the sun shines it is a blessing... and when you come home and walk into the room it lights up... so we have had lots of sunshine!

    It was hard to see you go. It seems we look forward to your visit for months and then like a flash it is here and over.

    It was a long time since we played Dominos together! What a hoot

    Thanks for the early Father's Day gifts... and we had such a good time playing Pickle ball with Seth and Alan. Safe travels now.


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