Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

How can a week feel really long and really short, all at the same time? Apparently, that's possible. Roundabout Wednesday night, I was thinking, "Seriously? It's not Friday tomorrow? What's up with that?" But, Friday arrived eventually... and really quickly too! Ha.

And I am soooooo grateful for it. Soooooo.

I'm grateful for the warmth, and the sunshine. I'm grateful that plants actually have to be watered (by something other than the sky!). I'm sure that particular novelty will wear off quickly, but still, it does feel like a long time coming. I have so enjoyed wearing shorts in the yard the past couple of days.

I'm grateful for color. It's all around me right now in nature, thankfully, and I feel like I see bursts of color in other places too--Pinterest is one such place. I have pinned many images to my "Color me happy" board, and to my "Rainbow love" board too... If you want to join Pinterest, shoot me an email. It's still in invite-only mode and you can request an invite, but I think if someone (me) invites someone else (you), it might happen a bit quicker? I like to spread the addiction...

In spite of my color affection, I'm still surprised how many days I reach for black and white and gray out of my closet... it makes me laugh. I try and mix it up with a spot of color here and there, but some days are better than others... I did paint my toenails orange today, so there's that. It's very pretty and not at all silly, I swear. Well, maybe a little bit silly.

I'm grateful for music and audio books while I am in the yard. I can have my little devotional time to music while watering the beets, or hoe a little harder to the sounds of Oprah's biography. Try not to judge me too harshly for that one... I gave in and got the Kitty Kelley, thinking it would be light listening, and it is. I take it with a grain of salt, some of the more salacious tidbits, but by and large it rings true-sounding (how's that for a vote of confidence--"true-sounding!"). I thought it would be a fitting sendoff for her last season, which I have only watched sporadically at best...  I just listened to the section on Stedman Graham today, and found it quite interesting, as I've paid very little attention to him over the years. Apparently he's just arm candy. What's the harm in a little arm candy, I say? (And it would seem that if that was the only thing he was good for, she'd have traded him in for a newer model by now, don't you think? But what do I know.)

I posted a post-haircut picture of Seth on Facebook last night, as he headed out to the Band Festival to perform with the other middle school and high school. It was a fun concert of quite recognizable songs--movie scores, popular songs from years back, etc. The kids had fun, and it's always great for the middle schoolers to hear the big kids really go to town on some large sounds! Gets them all juiced up for high school. Anyway, I'm grateful I can see Seth's eyes again! I know he thinks, "That's pretty silly, Mom," but it's true. These two pictures I didn't put on Facebook, since I didn't want to embarrass him in that venue (he's still my friend there). But here, where he never looks, I should be safe. (I think the one where he's looking down looks like an album cover or something. I know, I'm a kooky mom. Ha.) (iPhone photos, not so hot on the focus...)

I am truly grateful for my family. For my little threesome here, and my extended family across the pasture, and across the state and even up there on that little remote island. Yes, you people too! My brain often goes to the place of sadness for people who don't have people, and it makes me sad. People are good. Especially the family kind, even if we do hold blister pictures for ransom and demand all kinds of favors to not release to the media...

I have been listening to spoken word poetry lately. It seems to be the new "thing." (Well, I'm sure it's been around for awhile, but lately it seems to have hit some tipping point...) The jury's out for me, frankly; not sure it's my style. I have a whole blog post percolating about it, too... apparently I have opinions on the matter, who knew? I am so grateful for poetry as a form of expression, though. It's one of my all-time favorites. I am amazed how often a poem will cross my path, and then it will pop up again somewhere on a blog, or a site, or an email, and then here it comes again a third time. It's like there's a collective energy behind these things sometimes, and it feels like it's been put there, just for me.

I'm grateful for dreams, even when they're nutty and odd. I have had a week or two of the strangest dreams. I won't even get into the imagery for fear you'll never come back (well, not that bad), but some very funny--laughing funny and weird funny--stuff. I like dreaming, though. Makes me feel like my sleep is doing something for me, besides resting me up for another day.

I mowed the outside patches this afternoon--not the nice lawn, but the greenery between the lawn and the actual pasture, the wheat. It had gotten SO long in the past few weeks of rain, I couldn't believe it. I was trucking along, doing my thing and I saw the grass ahead go jiggle jiggle. I live in fear of hurting a bunny when I'm mowing the regular lawn, and hadn't considered that they might be frolicking in the grassy patches. So I slowed down and let a momma bunny hop and skip and jump to safety. I saw two big bunnies and was just praying that there wouldn't be some bunny nest in the grass when I saw the grass move again. This time I stopped the mower and did a little tumbleweed removal along the fence, making a bit of noise and bustle to let bunny know to move along... and the tiniest little guy hopped out of the grass and headed across the lawn to his mom and dad. I am so thankful for our little bunnies. They just make my day with their peppy antics. And I'm grateful that they don't build bunny nests out in the open!

I made a batch of falafel this week, thinking it would be a yummy and healthy lunch option. A local restaurant had a Greek salad last summer that had falafel on it, and I loved that salad. Well... my batch turned out horrible. Not just sort of bad, but really bland and tasteless and kind of gummy. I think I know what I did wrong, so I won't give up. But I'm grateful it was just Seth (Mr. One Bite) and I trying them out over lunch one day... imagine if I'd made up a batch for company or something? Hmmm... wouldn't be the first time, I suppose. Trial and error, and some days it's more error than trial!

I am grateful it's the weekend. For. Sure. And grateful for another weekend with my men. Plans with some girlfriends to see a movie on Sunday, definitely more yard work on the agenda, and some relaxing between now and then. A little worship, a little pause for praise, and then hitting another week...

I hope your weekend is exactly what you want it to be--full if that's your thing, restful if that's what you need. Peace to you.


  1. i love that first photo of Seth looking down. Awesome fine young man! I can see you in him more than ever.

    We are also thankful for the weekend here on our island. I am more tired than ever, since working outside a lot these past two days.

    Time for a little hot tub now... and then to bed.

  2. Great shout-out for Pinterest!
    I am on this site and I love it! My link is
    How do I find your boards?

  3. I LOVED reading this post- I could feel the bliss sort of seeping through the all the words (that sounds weird, but hopefully you get what I mean...)

    Isn't it amazing when the plants drink in the water? I love that.

    Gracie is crazy about her hair- she lets us get trims but no cuts. It's only halfway down her back, which is fine, but if we get into Rapunzel territory (which is what she desires more than anything), I think there might be a Locks of Love donation.

    Oh, and I'm going nuts about poetry, too! I have always loved it, because I love reading it and seeing what it calls forth in my soul. It's sort of like looking at art for me- I never know what my response will be. I also love reading it out loud a few times and puzzling it out. I just got a book of Hafiz poems, and I pulled out my Mary Oliver and Muriel Rukeyser stuff to read during sunset. Such great stuff!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. So glad you are enjoying poetry again/still/always...there is something magical about it that soothes and inspires.

    Seth is very handsome. I find it so breathtakingly awesome to watch him grow up. It truly does take my breath away when I stop to realize what is happening.

    Oh, I wish I had some bunnies!!! But then we have eagles and vultures hanging around these parts. Yesterday when I dropped off my truck for repairs there was a small bunny right beside my truck. I got out and talked to him. A man got out of his vehicle just beyond and watched and smiled. Then he said, I think you must be talking to a bunny! And then the little one hopped away. The man must have thought, that lady don't get out much.

  5. i'm grateful for your
    warmth & sunshine.
    love your whole list.
    bunny love, xox


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