Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday 13: Thirteen reasons I wish it would snow

1. It's January. It only seems right.

2. Snow is beautiful. I love watching falling snow.

3. I haven't had a chance to break out my new x-country skis that I bought last winter during the massive snow storm. By the time we got back from the holidays last year, the snow was gone and we just haven't had enough since.

4. Snow would cover up stuff in the yard I'd rather not see.

5. If it was snowing, I bet the wind would stop. The wind has been nonstop this week and is driving everyone nuts.

6. All the plants seem fooled into thinking it's spring, which just isn't right. Snow would send them back into their winter mode.

7. Plenty of other places in the country have snow; why not here? 

8. Snow makes everything so quiet and peaceful.

9. I haven't gotten enough wear out of my boots this winter.
I do love my boots.

10. I want to take some pictures of snow.
It's just not fun taking pictures right now with the grays and browns outside.

11. It's beautiful waking up to freshly fallen snow.
Have I mentioned that already? I think it deserves another spot on the list. That, and I'm running out of reasons...

12. I like seeing the birds at the feeder
in the snow, and all their little tracks on the front walk.

13. I could really use a snow day with Seth.
I love snow days. This one is probably the top of the list!

I know I will get comments about how nutty I am, how snow is bad bad bad and I should be thankful not to have any, but I just can't help it. I want snow! If you have snow and don't want it, I can feel for you... sort of. Spring is coming, but I am still hopeful that between now and then we can see a few flakes. Forecast says maybe we'll get some this weekend... I will be doing my snow dance!

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  1. I love when it quiet and peaceful! As long as I don't have plans :-)

  2. I am completely with you!!!!!! Last year was so great. Reason #13 the best ;-)

  3. I don't blame you a bit for wanting snow. We have just the right amount where I am. Hope you get your snow soon!

  4. Since we can't make winter go away, I'm with you -- so where is the snow!?

  5. I'd offer you some of mine, but it all melted. Wait a week or two and I should have some for you.

  6. There is a place that really needs snow soon... and that is Whistler. The Winter Olympics are conming in less than a month, and with this warmer winter there is BIG problem. The whole world is either coming or watching... and without snow it isn't going to be very good.

  7. Just checked the road conditions in southern oregon/northern next week it should be settled down to just some rain

    Snow is a beautiful thing in the right place at the right soon as we are south it can snow, snow, snow all points north of Sacramento!

    Your blog is beautiful as usual and am excited to try that peanut soup...loved your description of your apprehension and then delight!!!

  8. Oh, gosh, do you want ours? I loathe snow.


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