Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

Yeah for Friday! So glad to be here. Now. Ready for the relax. Ready for the grateful.

This week I'm grateful for:
*Glorious weekend ahead with my men. I feel sleepin' in comin' on.

*The wind has stopped. Or at least paused. I hope it stays that way. I would add "permanently" but that seems a little more than I could hope for.

*It's cold. Like it COULD snow if we asked nicely. I plan on asking very nicely.

*Did I mention the weekend ahead with my boys?

*Collective wisdom. Not everyone has all the answers, but I know from personal experience that a lot of people (at least a few I'm lucky enough to call husband and relatives and friends) have a little wisdom. Put that all together in a pot and wow, it can really help move mountains. At least mentally. Mentally this week, I feel like mountains have moved.

*Exercise. We finished week 3 of morning exercise and it feels good. It ALMOST feels like a habit. One week at a time...

*My friend Rhonda got a job. I am so thankful for that, for her. Yippee!

*I'm thankful for the memory of my mom singing "You are My Sunshine" to me as a little kid--that picture at the top prompted that memory when I found it. What a happy memory that is for me, and I enjoyed passing it along to my boy when he was a wee one. Maybe I need to bust it out again!

*Color. While we have had more sunshine lately, we're still operating in the brown-gray-blah end of the color spectrum. So imagine my delight at discovering this palette from Crayola--it shows the progression of the palette of 8 original colors to their current plethora. How beautiful. Take a look at this list of colors from Crayola over the years. Pretty wow. I would love to be in charge of naming colors, don't you think? Fun job.
*Glad for a sense of humor. I found this little "news" piece especially humorous this week.

And this explanation of the Canadian government at work made me laugh out loud! If you're not Canadian, it might not hit you quite the same way...

*This creativity in pie-making made me smile. And this was from a link at, so this was quite the Canadian week online, eh?

*Thankful to have cookie-making on the agenda for the weekend.

*Thankful for friends and birthdays and meals together.
Meeting some new people and chatting with long-time friends. It's a joy for a borderline extrovert such as myself. And shush to any of you who went, "Borderline? Sher?" Ha.

*Thankful for popcorn.
How good is a big salty bowl of popcorn with a crisp apple? So good.

*And cheese.
As ever.

*Thankful for hugs.
Human contact with loved ones, what a joy.

I hope your weekend holds a few of these things--hugs, popcorn, cookies, maybe some snow? Enjoy!


  1. And make me hungry for cheese!!

    So glad for the wisdom that comes your way...

    And that you found Rick Mercer on YouTube. Someone had already sent that to me but with my on again/off again internet I wasn't sending it on.

    Draw close to your men and enjoy!

    I should look up Lea Eisemen and put in a good word for you to work with her at Pantone...wouldn't that be just so good?

    Love to all and to all a good night!

  2. You still are my went to sleep many nights with that in your ears.

  3. As always....great grateful moments!

  4. I so appreciate your Friday posts.

    And thanks for sharing the piece on the Canadian government--very educational.


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