Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All this gray is in serious need of a rainbow

So, the fog. Have I mentioned the fog here in Walla Walla? It's a crazy lady, that fog. No fun at all. (And not even a faint resemblance to that sunshine we had on New Years...) Yesterday we got a blast of rain that lifted it a bit, but I fear today will bring more of the same... So what do I need when all I see is shades of gray? Some color!

Remember the rainbow cake I found here and then made for Seth's birthday? I haven't forgotten it either. I just love that cake. Jen made that cake recently for her boy. I get emails about that cake, questions of Facebook about that cake. That cake connects people. That cake could stop wars, in my humble opinion. Or, at least provide a nice snack break for the soldiers, in between military maneuvers.

This lovely blog recently featured some fab photos of what I call a rainbow cake on steroids. I mean, seriously, folks. How many layers are there? The picture I found/downloaded came with those lovely colorful marshmallows on the side, so I just left them there (I'm clueless on how to get rid of them, really...) but I'll admit they are distracting. Focus on the cake. Try and count the layers--I came up somewhere in the realm of 26. Dream about how yummy it probably is. Gives a girl something to ponder in these post-holiday-the-landscape-looks-like-pea-soup days...

Here's another example of a rainbow cake--all the colors mixed together in two layers. Kinda psychedelic, eh? A nice variation on the six layers of the "original."

Here are a few other rainbows to see you on your way.

This is a color placemat. How cool. If my mom could eat off this every day, I bet she'd be happy--those are Pantone colors, Ma.

Fabric swatches, oh my.

Rainbow butterfly cookies, yum yum.

 And rainbow pancakes!

And rainbow alphabet cookies. All from the same happy blogger.
She's about as rainbow nutty as I am!

Subway walls. Even if you're underground, might as well see a little color.

Hope your day contains a little sunshine, somewhere!


  1. What a lift! That is like walking by a lipstick display in the cosmetic department in Nordstroms or Dillards!!! They get me every time. I was just out cleaning out the garage and found a small clump of tiles attached to whatever wall they came off of but they are the most brilliant cobalt blue and a zap to the heart on such a foggy/misty/rainy day such as we are having. Thank you again dear girl!

  2. I just went back and took another swim through that ocean of color...it makes a body ache for some color...think I will go and change shirts.

  3. Thanks, Ma. I am always amazed at the lift a little color can provide!

  4. Love this post, Sher. Needed it!


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