Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday night grateful moment

I sn't that image above just the perfect juxtaposition of most days? Or most hours of the day? Pick one, and hope for the best. Of course, I suppose a better way to approach things is the image below (from Lisa Ridgely's calligraphy blog)... I try, I really do. Some days are better than others...

I'm sure I've said this before, but this must have been the GRAYEST week ever. EVER. I used to poo-poo those people who claimed to have season affective disorder and had big old lights at their desks, but that was back when I was young and cheerful. Now I'm old and crotchety and a big light shining in my face would feel pretty good right about now. I am hoping for either snow or sun. Is that too much to ask? I think not. I'd even take both.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, you've got to keep on keeping on. Part of that is the practice of thankfulness, of which I have no short supply.

*Grateful for the best men a girl could ask for. I am blessed, every day. I could enumerate the many ways they both make me feel loved, but then you'd be blushing and jealous, and I'd feel bad for you. So just take my word for it.

*Grateful for color in a gray season. Wonder why the Christmas tree is still up? Well, it's coming down Sunday, much to Seth's chagrin--he was lobbying for the end of January. Ha. (Picture above is me experimenting with my new little photo studio set up. It pretty much rocks.)

*Grateful for beautiful images. 30 amazing examples of latte art--check it out. I was surprised at the detail! And also how many bunnies and little animal images are in the mix too... I'm all for bunnies, but on my latte? I think I prefer the more organic images...

*Grateful for promising health outcomes. My friend Jen is two chemo treatments down for her lymphoma and the tumor has already been reduced by 70%! That's amazing. So glad it's working and so glad you're sleeping better already, Jen.

*Grateful for interesting things to read and ponder... no shortage of that on the bedside table, or laptop... This week I hopped back on to Twitter and I know I've likened it to riding waves of information, but that's really the best way I can think of to describe it. There are a few little tricks in figuring out who to follow and who to NOT follow, so that you're getting information you care about, but generally, I enjoy being back. In my little web wanderings I found a few gems to think about, for your spare time...
The Good Guy Contract. Makes sense to me... I appreciated his thoughts on this somewhat common concept.
The Writer's Almanac. Love the inspiration--I get this delivered to my inbox every morning. And you can listen to Garrison Keillor read it to you every morning too. I really love his voice (Be well. Do good work and keep in touch. That pretty much sums it up). Today's snippet was about Isabel Allende, about her writing process, and it was quite motivating in the writing arena.
The Art of Community. I am really looking forward to taking a look at this book, which was available to download free online (but you can also buy it at Amazon if you would like!). He's got an interesting perspective on publishing and online communities--I'm curious about the applications for non-profit fundraising, as well as just for business in general.
Favorite news story this week. A heartwarming account of someone helping out a fellow traveler in a time of need. You would want this guy looking out for your grandma.

*Grateful for creativity and talent. These guys knocked my socks off this week. Can't get enough of them. At first I couldn't figure it out--I hadn't heard about them before... I know, I'm slow that way. But really, aren't they good? I have a feeling we'll hear a lot more about Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider in the years ahead. At least, I hope so!

Here's their interview with Bonnie Hunt. (I love her. I'm sad her show got cancelled. I never watched it, but still... I really think she's a beautiful, entertaining lady.) Sam and Kurt explain how they got started and how the partnership works.

*Grateful for people who can make the most of bad situations. Remember when the Newark airport got shut down this week, because some guy went the wrong way into a secure area (to kiss his girlfriend goodbye?) and the whole place locked down. Well, some people decided to sing their way through it. I can imagine finding this rather amusing, but I can also imagine (in the moment) feeling not so much... but, since I wasn't there, I'm choosing to find it amusing.

*Grateful that Ma and Pa got faster internet service on the island!
Now I can inundate them with video clips and they can actually watch them. Very exciting.

*Grateful for rosemary. The scent reminds me that we will have summer again. Things will grow again.

*Grateful for cheese. Always. This will never end. Bury me with cheese. Seriously.

*Grateful for hot chocolate with whipped cream AND marshmallows. (Did you know a 13-year-old boy can pretty much finish off a can of whipped cream all by himself? It's almost magical.)

*Grateful for the weekend ahead, the relaxation and the deconstruction of Christmas... and a clean house at the end of it! That's the plan, anyway.

Happy weekend, all. Peace, joy and love.


  1. Hi Sherilee! Thank you for visiting my blog! I enjoyed reading your gratitude list - hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. love your grateful moments, especially cheese, one of the great loves of my life! :)

  3. You are very fast on your Friday night moment. I will have to quickly jump up and get some work done so I feel ready for Sabbath!
    I have been enjoying finishing off the cheese left over from Christmas time. Way too tasty!
    Gratitude is so warming...makes one so happy to be alive!

  4. Several things... love the photos! ... thanks for the mention--I, too, am grateful for medicine that works ... love the videos! ... I agree about Bonnie Hunt--she's charming and totally underrated as an actress, IMO ... cheese is good. :)

    xoxo, friend!

  5. Ha ha! "But that was back when I was young and cheerful"! Ha ha ha!


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