Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday movie mania!

I went with a good friend to The Time Traveler's Wife yesterday and enjoyed it. A few foggy points were cleared up for me (the downsides of listening to a book on audio is that it's hard to go back and reread something if it's unclear), but still had a hard time buying the entire time traveling concept hook, line and sinker, so to speak. But it was a tale full of poignant reminders to savor the present, tell those you love that they are loved, and all those good things.

While there we saw a number of trailers for upcoming films and here's one I really want to see this fall: a based-on-true-life story about a homeless boy becoming a football player, with the help of a well-off family (starring Sandra Bullock). Very heart-warming, sigh.

And then this little trailer fell upon my desk this morning and I am also intrigued--anything with Emma Thompson (however small a role) is a must-see in my book.

Happy Monday! Now off to the garden. It was 46 degrees this morning, brrr. Things need to start getting tidied up out there in that jungle, or it's going to be one frosty mess soon.


  1. The one I couldn't remember was "The Boys are Back" with Clive Owen. Heart breaker? Heart warmer? Both I think.

  2. Yes, yes, M! That one we would call a "sobber," I'm thinking?!


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