Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

Another sunny end-of-summer week. These could go on and on, as far as I'm concerned!

This week the list has some regulars, and some one-offs... that's just how it's rolling around here right now.

I'm so grateful for:
A sense of humor. Mine, and other people's, as well. There are times when things just hit me wrong, and I get all riled up about something. And then I remember to breathe. Other times, the same information can come my way and I just cackle with laughter. Just had one of those today in an email exchange. Could have been annoyed, but why? More funny than not. Truly. I need to remember that more often. Must. Laugh. Every. Day. Especially on the ones that don't seem to have much laughable in them!

The scent of roasting peppers/onions/garlic. The scent of basil. The scent of lavendar. Husband has about had it up to here with the girly smells of basil and lavendar, so I greeted him tonight with the pepper combo, getting ready to make green enchilada sauce over the weekend... It smells like a Mexican restaurant in here!

The gift of time. I have been feeling like I don't have enough time to get things accomplished, but that's all in my head. When I manage to be patient with myself (and others, yes, on occasion...), and get a bit more zen about it, I do realize that the important stuff is getting done, and my important people are getting taken care of, and that's what matters. Om.

The gift of naps. I think I must be fighting a bit of something, because the last two days I've put my head down just after lunch for a few zzzs. Nothing major, but generally revived after 20 minutes or so. Husband looked over at me today and had a little chuckle... Apparently my old-lady ways are humorous?

Husband. He's a gem. Friends. Truly blessed in all areas. Especially thankful for the milestone of birthdays (Yeah, Jen!) and birth days (yeah for a little Blaise baby-holding this week as well!). Life is good. And family. Near and far, I remember you all in my prayers, every day, and am thankful for continued health and general wellness.

Seth's stamina! He competed in his first cross-country track meet this week and was proud of his accomplishment. We're proud of him too!

That I didn't run out of gas when I was mowing the lawn yesterday. Such a little thing, but I was so on the edge and very glad to have made it through the jungle without having to stop, go into town for gas, and then finish... it would have been in the dark by that point!

That one small 50x50 garden can put out so much! I harvested basil, tomatillos and peppers this week by the bushel. Four hours (yes, 4) of plucking basil leaves and I thought my thumb would never un-blacken again!! Picking the peppers and tomatillos took a lot less time, and it's just stunning what those little plants can produce... very grateful for that bounty.

To live in a smallish community. Sometimes that feels like a mixed blessing, but right now I am enjoying the camraderie of my various groups--other moms, other volunteers, Wednesday mornings and just knowing the variety of people who make up our town. This week, that was a good thing.

For all the variety that summer produce has brought our way. It's just been delightful! And I'm even starting to look forward to fall and all its soups and stews and additional distinct flavors.

Water. Try going without a few minutes (let alone hours, days, weeks). We have had some really puzzling issues with our well pump this summer, but are especially grateful for a very responsive local pump expert. As of 11 a.m. this morning, we believe we've solved the issue... (But I did fill the emergency containers today, just in case.)

Pictures. To be able to capture moments in time and be able to look back... such a good thing. Earlier this week, I was going through pictures from the summer and remembering our good times. And started looking back further at Seth, the neices, family... such good "snaps," as my Grandma Goerlitz used to say...

To live in a country that's not at war. (I know some days it may feel there are battles being fought, but my generation really doesn't have a clue what it would be like to be AT war, I don't think...) I watched this video below--take the time, I know 8 minutes is a long time in YouTube-land--and was blown away. By the artist's ability to paint a changing picture, as well as by the reaction of the people watching it. It was easy to see that these images still resonate with them, generations later.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyful weekend.

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