Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fig alert! The season is NOT over!

You know the saying about laying down your life for a friend? That works, I suppose, but how often does it really come up? But alerting a friend to the nearest location for figs? Oh yes. I have such friends, and they are dear to my heart.

On my phone this very afternoon: "Fig alert! I'm standing in front of figs. Do you want me to get them for you?"

I happened to be nearby so zoomed on over and picked myself up four little pints of the sweetest and loveliest figs I've had this year. They were picked "closer to ripe" than the flats at Costco, so while they are more fragile, they are definitely more flavorful.

I ran right home and whipped up a late lunch salad of arugula, figs, chevre and pumpkin seeds (a nod to fall, of course), with a balsamic reduction. It was heaven. I cut the figs in half and sauteed them cut-side down in a pan with some balsamic reduction and then laid them over the arugula and sprinkled the goat cheese, pumpkin seeds and little more of the reduction over the top. Very lovely.

Tonight I made a panini with figs, pesto and fresh mozzarella, which was also it's own slice of bliss.

Here I thought fig season had passed. Apparently not. Stay tuned. Two pints down, two to go. (No judgment on how fast or how many I eat, please.)

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