Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday night grateful moment

As I look at the blog and see such little action HERE since last weekend, it's good to know there's been action SOMEwhere... picture me like one of those little cars in the Zoom Zoom Zoom ads, here... there... and everywhere. That's been my week. Except today. Today was home. Ah.

Here's what I'm grateful for tonight:
*That husband is safe and sound on his extended business trip. Granted, I'd prefer he was here. But if he has to be somewhere else, I am glad that he's with his aunt and uncle, visiting for the weekend between a conference this week in DC and one next week in Orlando. He's his own kind of Zoom Zoom Zoom right now--just with planes instead of me and my zippy little car.

*So grateful that the not-so-little guy is with me this week and next, and that we enjoy spending time together, since it's a rather concentrated dose of Mom-time this weekend! We have plans. Maybe a little Bennington Lake with the kayak, maybe a picnic. Maybe some church. And probably Fame. (Remember... remember... baby, remember my name. Sorry, while they've updated it, undoubtedly, this is going to be such a blast from the past for me. Fame was the first "album" I ever bought--on tape, actually--and I think my parents were convinced I was going straight south to Hades for that one. I listened to it over and over. And for the SYTYCD followers out there, Karrington is in the movie! How fun is that?)

*Grateful for our bucolic setting. I wake up every morning in the most beautiful place in the Northwest, I'm sure of it. It's peaceful and other than a few barking dogs (mine and a few around the neighborhood), it's quiet and lovely. The hawks have been making a lot of noise lately, but I don't mind them--the fields are all harvested, so they have been in feast-land, swooping down for mice and gophers, calling out to each other and fighting over supper. Everything right this instant (sunset) has the most gorgeous wheat-filled glow, it's just lovely.

*Grateful for friendship. In all its many forms and vintages, it is something I don't take for granted. From sisters-in-law to new friends to old old old friends who you don't have to filter with, I am so thankful to know and be known.

*Grateful for fall flavors. I had a bite of pumpkin bread this week--Starbucks was looking to get everybody primed for fall, and oh did it speak to me! Ready to make a big old loaf of that! And take a look below at the pomegranates, which just showed up in the stores this week... sweet. Ready for a great big salad with those on top, yes I am.

*Grateful for the spark of creativity, for ideas that percolate and grow and become something real. It's what separates us from the animals, right? That, and accessories, as the ladies on Steel Magnolias said. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have a gobzillion ideas rolling around in my head. Oh, right. I might actually get something done! Ha.
Here's a funny little creative thing I did this week... not ALL creative urges turn out well, and this is an example of that. I had this giant zucchini sitting around and thought, what would be fun to put in the middle of the zucchini? And then thought of that old breakfast where you cut a hole out of the bread and put an egg in and fry it up... so proceeded to make a zucchini version of that. And all I have to say is: not so much. The eggs were fine and yummy, and the zucchini was just so-so and the two didn't go together very well. So put that in the "never again" files...

Here's a take on creativity I listened to a while ago, and thought I'd share it here. I am addicted to the TED talks on YouTube. Well worth checking out. This guy is very interesting, to me. Whether you agree with his take on things, it's certainly thought-provoking.

*I'm grateful that someone else had the baby but I get to hold him and cuddle him and then hand him back. Oh, such a doll is that little Blaise. Thank you for letting me have my weekly baby time, parents of Blaise!

*Grateful that Seth is sticking with cross-country and giving it an honest go. He had his second meet this week and shaved a minute off his overall time! He still tries to work the mom-angle and wiggle out of practice a bit when he's with me (not working, though my heart kind of melts and wants to let him out of it), but by and large I think he's learning more than a bit about gutting it out. For his sake I wish is would cool down a bit--this feels like the warmest fall EVER, but I'm sure it's just because I'm paying attention to the temperature at 3:30 every day, when he's out running, and wishing it wasn't 89.

*Grateful for the seasons, even as they come gradually. This change of season seems to have hit me hard, with the darkness descending so early and sun rising so late, especially in the sleep department--I've been waking up too early and not able to fall back asleep. Does that make sense? Seems I should sleep if it's dark, but that's not the trend. But other than for Seth's sake, I'm loving the warm days and cool nights, and the need to water everything a lot less.

*Grateful for the prolific butternut squash plant! I bet I have enough to see me through the winter, off one plant. How cool is that? And this week I picked all the peppers and tomatillos and made a roasted green sauce that I froze (having a real mental block where the canning processor is concerned, still) and will use for enchiladas and tortilla soup.

*Grateful for prayer and meditation and the centering aspect they bring. Can't imagine life without them.
*Grateful for family. Had a fascinating talk with a girlfriend today about families--hers, mine, other families we know, and the dynamics that differ and yet can be similar between them. And, naturally, it made me feel glad and grateful for my family. Near, far, wherever you are. Grateful to have been raised with love, that innate knowledge that I'm a person of worth. When you think about how many kids don't get that, your heart can kind of break a bit...
Here's to the weekend! Make it a good one.

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