Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday night grateful list

This grateful list began on a massage table.

That could be the start and end of the list tonight, couldn't it? I had the good fortune of having my window of availability match up with my preferred massage therapist's same window, which frankly, rarely happens. Mostly because I don't get around to even checking to see if there's a possibility. But this week there was and I did and it was divine.

So I laid there and for the first half I did really well. I reveled and relaxed and even snoozed a little. Then, like a nasty germ, a work-related thought entered my brain. Nasty only in that it didn't belong in this quiet space. I did my best to banish it, but ugh. Didn't ever quite accomplish the same bliss in the second half as had been achieved in the first. Still, glad to have had that mostly-peaceful interlude to start the weekend off.

It's officially summer here, so that means that the complaints about the heat have begun. My favorite is, "Satan called, he wants his weather back." I will probably say that enough to drive my family and coworkers crazy for the next six weeks, or however long this bout of hellfire lasts.

This week I am thankful for many things, including but not limited to:

Cooler evenings. Still love my evening wander in the yard, putting up chickens and dogs, and watering this and that to get ready for another blazing day tomorrow. Some night I'd love to sleep outside, but the skunk that's been stalking our chickens makes me think otherwise. Don't need to snuggle with that in the night.
The power of story. While I was mowing the other evening, I just felt in the mood to relisten to an old favorite of mine, "This is the Story of a Happy Marriage," by Ann Patchett. That lady can tell a story. I love this essay more than most, and every time I hear it--probably about once a year, I'd say--a new phrase stands out to me and I love it all over again. The story itself resonates in so many ways for me, but her style is also a big draw. At the recent recommendation of a friend I listened to Elizabeth Gilbert talking with Krista Tippets on her podcast, On Being, and Elizabeth referenced a story about Ann Patchett. I think that must have been what drew me back to *this* story, for a relisten. And another fabulous point--it is almost exactly the length of a lawn mow for me, from pulling the mower out to putting it back.

Our pups. I do adore all our pups, but this one sat still for a photo, so sweet Tess gets the feature. I love our furry buddies so much, and are so glad for their presence in our lives.

Animals that produce something of value. While that might seem like a jab at the pups, it's really not. I'm just tickled pink that the new chickens have started producing. They are a funny bunch, for sure; it's so interesting getting to know chicken personalities. And I can't wait to omelet it up tomorrow morning!

Friendship. Always thankful for friends, near and far. I know that I have more than my share of blooming flowers in my friendship garden, corny as that may sound.

The plethora of summer produce that is available. Currently enjoying tomatoes and basil with abandon, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, kale and okra. Next up, eggplants and more summer squash! Apricots are done, but here comes the plums! And can't forget the watermelon. I don't think a day has gone by without watermelon for some weeks. (I blame Seth. He's influential in the watermelon purchases.)

Seth. Of course. While I have this sneaking feeling I'm going to miss him more this fall that last, I am still so happy that he's on a path that he chose, and he is loving it.

Husband. Also of course, and then some. Thankful for his thoughtfulness, and his humor. Also, that he knows Walton's episodes well enough to tell me what's coming next. How awesome is that? I love it.

Sweet, sweet sleep. I've been doing mostly better in that arena, and of course, the minute I say that I'll have one of those lovely insomnia nights. Here's hoping not. I can usually count on Friday night being one of the good ones. Restful, with the promise of sleeping in and having a peaceful following day.

Wishing you a peaceful, grateful weekend.

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  1. I think I have slowly come around to the comfort of knowing that sitting and looking out over the ocean and other islands or sitting on my little RV deck watching clouds and airplanes and farmers haying here in the valley is a good thing. Too much hurry, too much worry, too much sorry!


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