Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday night grateful list

I should have two weeks worth of gratitude saved up, shouldn't I? Well, as a matter of fact, I do. (I know, you're shocked.) Truth is, with all the nuttiness near and far, I am increasingly grateful on a daily basis for the peace of my surroundings, the love in my home, and the ability to find joy in the smallest of moments.

We have been so blessed with the pace of this summer, heat-wise. We popped back up into the 90s one day this week, but other than that, it's been 70s and 80s. This has really helped the apricots not ripen at the speed they usually do, which has also been helpful since I have not been especially motivated to pick them. I can only eat so many, we have proven that we're not big jammy people, and I've already inflicted them on friends and co-workers. But I think this weekend, jam will be made, and more will be picked, and eaten, and baked. I do so love their color and flavor. A true sign of summer, to me.

Also a sign of summer in this valley are the sunsets. Pretty much every evening is beautiful. Even if the day is nothing special and even blah and cloudy, something happens about a half hour before sunset, and the light filters across the valley. I haven't tired of it in all the years I've lived here, and being out of town a bit the past decade, with more unobstructed views, my appreciation has only grown. I am often struck by sunrises as well, being a morning person, but there is truly something special about a Walla Walla sunset.

Still loving having the boy home. Thankfully, haven't quite started the countdown to the college return (well, the parents haven't, but the boy probably has), and having our little family routines and chats brings me great joy. Husband and I talk all the time about the process of tossing youngsters out of the nest (well, our youngster in particular) and this sweet little comic resonated with me. I think a great deal about what it was like for me to leave home at various stages: boarding school, college, Australia for a bit of school and then a bit of work, then more college. It feels more complicated for Seth and his generation. I don't know if it actually *is* or whether it's just the press around millennials and the challenges of employment and how many end up back home with the 'rents.
It can be easy to fall into thinking how the world is more complicated, with various and frequent violent actions taking place near and far. Seems out of whack, unreal. I think, has it always been like this? And of course will see opinions posted, "No! It's worse than ever!" and two seconds later, "Things are really much better than ever before in human history." Sure. Whatever. I'll just keep telling the people I love that I love them, and not take a single day for granted.

This week I am most grateful for:
My mix of introversion and extroversion. I like people well enough, but boy howdy I like my quiet time too. I'm glad to (mostly) get a good balance, even if it means some weekends I don't leave the house for 48 hours. 

Singing. Singing is awesome, even if one is not especially gifted with the voice. It is lovely to hear coworkers pipe up with songs at various times throughout the day too. But, it sure would be nice if a few of them were old enough to know who Rick Astley is, is all I have to say about that. Sheesh. 

This song got shared a bunch this week, and I loved it. I have always appreciated this song--I think I went so far as to make a mix tape (well, CD, but you know what I mean) a few years back of various artists covering it. Rufus' version has very much popularized the song for the less-Leonard-Cohen crowd, and the addition of the choir is quite powerful.

Memories. I had an old friend from my Australia school days reach out on Facebook recently, and it compelled me to dig up some old pictures and relive some pretty fun times down under. Hard to believe how long ago that was, and some things are fuzzy while other memories are pretty clear.

Greenery. I found a baby tears plant recently, and have loved seeing it flourish. Totally takes me back to my childhood, when I usually had a baby tears plant around. Very sweet and green.

Words. This piece, "Thirty Things I've Learned," popped up as something I'd shared on Facebook a couple of years back, and I re-read it. Good stuff. Probably need to schedule an annual reading of it. Also popping back into my feed lately have been Pema words, which always always always resonate.

Patience is not learned in safety. It is not learned when everything is harmonious and going well. When everything is smooth sailing, who needs patience? If you stay in your room with the door locked and the curtains drawn, everything may seem harmonious, but the minute anything doesn’t go your way, you blow up. There is no cultivation of patience when your pattern is to just try to seek harmony and smooth everything out. Patience implies willingness to be alive rather than trying to seek harmony. -Pema Chodron

Love that woman. Should probably schedule an annual reading of that nugget, too.

Do you remember what we did before emjois? I don't. It's very strange, that we all end sentences with smiles and winks and hearts and little slices of cake. Oh I know, YOU probably don't. But I do, and it's weird. I would never have thought that I'd be searching on my phone for a little celebratory emoji to wish a friend a happy birthday with. Go figure.

All that is to say, if I could put a little emoji here for you, I would. Oh wait, I can.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that music... and of course for all the rest of your good words. Very good. Loved the cartoon... grandparents still need snacks too. Some days do seem worse but I can think of a list of truly bad stuff that happened before you were born but I don't like to dwell there. So keep the sweet tea and sunshine coming.


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