Saturday, July 30, 2016

Grateful list: Sabbath addendum

I have come to spend too much time in contracts, apparently. I couldn't decide for a minute whether adding to my grateful list is an addendum or an amendment. Oh dear. Of course, it's an addendum--I'm not changing anything I said yesterday, just adding to it.

Things I forgot to mention:

I'm grateful for people who don't take the easy way out. Don't get me wrong, sometimes easy is the best choice. But often, it's not and people turn away. When I see coworkers or friends or family taking the path of least resistance, I am inspired and grateful.

I'm very grateful for health. I certainly don't take it for granted, though I've not been the best at taking care of myself lately. But I pay attention to my immunity and try for good sleep, and if anything feels too far off kilter, I make adjustments.

I'm grateful for a semi-thick skin. There's probably a more gracious way to say that, but I don't tend to take a lot of things personally. As soon as I say that, something will transpire that cuts me to the quick, I'm sure. But in general, most days, I'm able to see that people act because of their own inner workings, not because of something I've done. Which is not to say I can't be offended--hardly.

Figs! I'm always grateful when fig season rolls around, and this year I've already gotten a half-dozen off one of my trees. The other two are in full leaf and have grown SO much, but no fruit. Curious. Grateful for the few, and also so glad that local grocers have gotten the fig memo too. Nothing beats homegrown, but I'll take supplemental figs any day.

I'm grateful that my kid shares his world with me. We've watched a number of videos by a guy he likes who creates video essays around gaming, web culture, and social politics, and I find them very interesting. Not something I would naturally seek out, even though I probably should--the way gamers see the world and consume content is going to become more and more mainstream as they grow up and get jobs and influence culture.

I'm grateful that my husband shares his world with me too. Saturdays are our catch up time, for conversation outside of work, to talk about what we're reading, watching, and thinking about. In between naps, I love our conversations.

And these two. Grateful for them too. They read the blog last night and were gravely disappointed that Tess was the only one who made it in with a picture. They have been petitioning me all day. Ha. No. But I do love these sweeties, and they are a big part of my relaxation on the weekend.

I'm grateful that there's air conditioning in my world right now. I'm someone who usually has a cardigan along for layering, and that's still the case, even when it's 100 degrees. And I do love the heat. But wow, it's warm out there right now. Savoring a cool inside, and ice cream doesn't hurt, either.

I'm grateful that the political conventions are over. I will be glad when November has come and gone too, and I'm sure the next few months are going to be filled with some degree of unease, but the specific circus that surround the RNC and DNC are so completely not my cup of tea.

Last, the sunsets. These are on my list a lot in the summer, and now that harvest has started (well, it's been going on for some time, but I came home to it happening across the street last night), the sunsets are extra rosy with dust. Love them. So grateful for these wide open spaces I call home.

OK, now I feel like my gratitude is complete. Last night's offerings were just too short. Thanks for bearing with me.

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  1. Addendum is good...we all make and addendum or two in this life.


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