Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday night grateful moment

Hard to believe we're really at Friday night again already, but I'll take it! The week was both long and short, full of a few unusual aspects (a few days away with husband, lovely) and a bit of the usual too... work, home, errands, yard... all the things I enjoy about our life together.

I'm grateful for this weekend--that it's Mother's Day, Seth is home, it's our local balloon festival--so the skies have been full of balloons the past two mornings and the weather looks good for tomorrow's launches too.

This time of year I always get grateful for irrigation, and for the underground variety especially. I do have some hoses around for specific watering at times, but having the ease of sprinklers is very lovely when daily watering needs to take place.

I'm grateful too, for the growth that sun and water bring in the garden. Not so thankful for the weeds... wish those would take a year off! But the little plants and sprouts we have so far are doing great, and there are a few more to join them, when it cools just a little. Putting poor seedlings out in 90+ degree weather just seems cruel.

I'm grateful for the time away with husband, for the relaxation and peacefulness. He worked a bit, I worked a bit, but generally we slept in and took walks on the beach and went to a movie (Iron Man 3, fun), ate out, tried to shop (didn't really find much), and just enjoyed being together. It reminded us that we need to do that occasionally! (As in, more often.)

I'm grateful for writers, and the time they take (the good ones, anyway!) to put their thoughts down for others. I got the newest Michael Pollan book, Cooked, on our trip, and read the first part of the section on fermenting to husband as we drove home. Interesting stuff! I love the way Pollan really lives in the material while he's writing, and shares his reactions--the good and the not-so-good. The section we read makes me want to get going on more than just sauerkraut in our crock! And it also encouraged me toward getting my sourdough starter going again, as somehow the last one died a sad yet fragrant death.

I'm grateful for all the flavors of spring--asparagus, spring onions, baby potatoes, rhubarb... all favorites, and a happy prequel to all the wonderful eating we'll get to do for the next few months!

I'm grateful for my family, so very much. Our threesome times are very special and lovely, and I'm incredibly lucky to have two guys who enjoy each other so much.

I'm grateful too for my friends. Near and far, they brighten my days. I am blessed.

I'm grateful for the sleep I will encounter soon.

I'm grateful for you, for reading and commenting and emailing/texting/Facebooking your thoughts about my musings in this space. I appreciate it, and you.

I hope your weekend is lovely and everything you want it to be.


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