Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday night grateful list

Friday nights always bring a particular sigh of relief; tonight is no exception. Seth is home, it's rainy and a bit windy outside (hints of snow overnight?!), and very, very peaceful. We enjoyed a lovely family dinner of mixed vege and mac-n-cheese, and before the drowsies hit me hard and take me down, I must share my gratitude for the week.
Spring does seem to be on its way, even though the snow line has crept back down and I was chilled through and through last night. But the daffodils are very close to bursting, and seeing buds and shoots all over the yard is really good for the soul. I have work to do to tidy up the yard for spring, proper-like (you know, the stuff I was supposed to do in the fall), and I'm looking forward to it (on a warmer day than today). I am always grateful for the seasons (especially spring and fall), and this new season is no exception.

I am grateful for people who have a sense of humor. Especially individuals who have an ability to laugh at themselves--not take themselves so seriously. It's always a good reminder to me, as I strive but sometimes don't always quite achieve that lightness of spirit.

I'm grateful for productive days, and for the energy to approach a few of them in a row, even. 

My guys are so good to me; I didn't mention Valentine's Day last Friday night, but should have--they were so sweet to me with their cards and thoughtful ways. I feel loved every day, and even though I know--just like everyone else knows--that Valentines is hooey and malarky and made up, it certainly doesn't hurt to know you're *really* loved on that one day, too. I'm grateful for love.

I'm grateful to my Creator, for this life, these opportunities that are placed in front of me, every day, to try and make a difference, wherever I am. I read a great post this week about the people of Tonga and their attitude of gratitude. I love the way their language reflects their gratitude. Makes me want to be more intentional and grateful in my daily word choices, as well.

I am ever grateful for the seemingly mundane things, little bits that make the wheels of daily living go round and round. The ability to do laundry quickly and easily; the ability to cook and eat mostly what I want, when I want; fluffy towels that dry me off in the mornings; extra covers when I'm cold at night. It is all so easy to take critical things for granted too--good health, the ability to move my limbs freely and easily, good vision and hearing... grateful. For. It. All.

I will leave you with this lovely little lady, and wish you a very pleasant weekend.


  1. One would think, that being retired would mean every day is a holiday, but with us, not so much.

    So I find I look forward to Sabbath, am so thankful for Sabbath and savour the minutes of the Day!!

    Thank you for that sweet little lady...oh, if we could all see it that way.

  2. That nice little old lady has nothing over your mother. She can see beauty in everything, everywhere.

    If that is the secret of long life, I think Shirley will be going strong past 100... and hopefully I will be right there next to her!


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