Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday night grateful moment

How long has it been since this blog has sat quiet a whole seven days between posts? Awhile, really, take my word for it, you don't have to actually look back and read to find out. A looooong while. But, this week got a little busy and then it got busier and then busier, and I looked up and here it is Friday night. Happy happy happy to be at Friday night!

My first thought was "I'm too tired" to articulate my gratitude and off I went, searching for visuals to do the trick. But then I got a second wind of sorts and decided to take a stab at actually verbalizing a few of the things I am most grateful for. For all its "effort," putting the thoughts into words that string together and (generally) make sense helps transition me more solidly into a lasting state of grateful.

Toward that end...

I adore living where there isn't a lot of light pollution. A few nights back we went to sleep with our bedroom deck slider door open, enjoying the evening air. Well, the enjoyable evening air turned to really-cold middle-of-the-night air, so I got up and closed the slider, but couldn't help looking out and up at the beautiful, brilliant stars. I am so grateful for even fleeting reminders that we're part of something so much bigger. (I know I've posted the image above in previous grateful posts but I can't help it. I think this one is a keeper.)

Every time I eat a tomato from the garden, I feel like I'm living on borrowed time. OK, so that's a little dramatic. But I AM enjoying every last tomato, and the flavor just never gets old. I'm so grateful for home-grown produce. (Time to mow the basil again this weekend! I feel a pesto dish or two coming up!)

I saw a friend in passing today, someone who used to be more of a friend than currently, and this thought went through my brain: I'm grateful for every friend I've ever had. Friendships change, and morph, and can come around again or leave entirely. I've been changed by friendships; I've learned a lot over the years: about the value of friendship, about myself and about others, as well. There are some people I wouldn't invite back into my life for anything, but that doesn't take away from the time we were closer.

I am so grateful to live in a home that has love and kindness and tenderness at its core. My men are so accommodating of my sometimes-emotional ways, and don't mock me when I cry at silly ads on TV or Secretariat or... (fill in the blank). I get hugs when I need them, and affection and compliments and appreciation for my contributions. Being me is pretty awesome.

Today the temperature was in the 80s. What's up with that? I am grateful for the sunshine and warmth, even though in my fall-lovin' brain we should be cooler and rainy and such. But I keep thinking I really shouldn't still have to water everything, should I? I fear my yard walkabout this weekend... what may have expired from my neglect? We'll see...

I'm grateful for the coming week, the coming month, the season that is upon us! I know I give a lot of whoo-hoo to autumn, but Oct-Nov-Dec hold my very favorite dates of the year. Now to remember to breathe and actually enjoy it!

When I get a little caught up in my own head, thinking over the same petty issues or problems, I am always always grateful to be able to turn to my collection of sayings and images and wander through, looking for something to jump out at me. It never fails that something grabs my attention, at least one, maybe more... This week, it was this simple piece, from one of my favorite artists, Rachel Awes:

I hope that you have a lovely weekend, filled with all the things you want and need to greet another week!



  1. Personally, I am glad you got the energy to talk to us a little about your list of gratefulness...that in itself tends to energize the soul.

    I think I am a goldfish!

    I am grateful that you acknowledge the Big Picture of life. So good.

  2. Sher, I am grateful for your Friday night posts...they're guiding light. Enjoy your well-earned weekend, my dear.

  3. I love the goldfish quote about giving myself a BIG space. It is the perfect response to those who look at our new studio/carport renovation and question why we need it when there is only two of us.

    High ceilings, dormers and spaciousness are good things.

    1. Exactly, Pa! I like the idea of growing into my space... seems to make sense, rather that putting oneself into a small box!

  4. I'm reading (and typing!) outside and as I read this and sort of revelled in it, a dolphin splashed in the bay behind my house. <3 that so much! And amen to space. I am definitely feeling that with the little home improvements we are doing. Tom commented that the one thing we said we didn't want when we built this house was two living rooms, but I told him iyt's not another living room, it's truly a place to decompress- no technology, no pressure, no on/off switches, and a big view and sunshine. I'm so glad we did it. Amen to space (and to nature- it's funny that you mention the end of your tomato crop because tomatoes will NOT grow here in summer so our tomato season is just starting!)


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