Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday night grateful moment

This night, I am feeling blessed, and grateful. And tired. And a little bit not-sick, still. But mostly, blessed and grateful...

...for Friday nights, for the peace and relaxation that a day of rest promises.

...for the anticipation of sleeping in. Sometimes that's even better than *actually* sleeping in, though that's pretty special as well.

...for our sweet pooch, Chief, with his persistent affection and loving ways. Sometimes I'm still amazed that we only have one dog, after having had such a pack. But we're pretty content with our one (Sara, that was just for you). He's awesome.

...for my guys and their appreciation of me. I'm a lucky mom and wife.

...for the earlier evenings. I am less fond of the darker mornings, but I guess we can't have one without the other. I have been going to bed earlier because of the darkness--in fact, once it's dark I'm convinced it's much later than it is so last night found me thinking about PJs around 7:30. Ha.

...for peanut sauce. We had noodles and vegetables and spring rolls with peanut sauce for dinner. As much as I may make it from the same recipe, each time, there are times when it's just better than others. This particular batch was sublime. Yum.

...for teamwork. Husband and I tackled a DIY project this afternoon--mostly he tackled and I assisted--and we got it done! Two sets of hands is a good thing.

...for not having ever truly succumbed to illness in this duel I've been in with the sore-throat-gravelly-voice-cough monster. I never actually Felt Bad, so I insisted frequently last weekend to my brother and sister-in-law, "I am not sick!" I think that actually helped, in a weird mind-over-matter way. That, and I would have felt horrible to land on their doorstep, BE sick, and spread germs throughout their house. Hence, I was NOT sick! (I do, however, currently clear my throat a lot and suck on throat lozenges. Great traits in a co-worker, don't you think? I want to be 100% by Monday. 100%!)

...for the previously mentioned brother and SIL, and their girls. We had a wonderful visit last weekend, as always, and enjoyed hanging out, eating, talking, roaming the Olympic Peninsula and just being together. The boys had their annual football outing and the girls enjoyed girl time. I am always grateful to have a sibling in this world, but especially that I have Shelby, and that he has Kim. Love you both.

...for flexible and gracious friends, who understood when I bailed on everything from lunch to coffee this week. This was a short week, having taken Monday off as a family, so the other four days felt especially short in the work arena.

...for anticipation. I've alluded to an upcoming trip, very vaguely at best, but finally feel close enough that it will happen: dear friend (or as we refer to each other: heirloom friend) Corinne and I are headed to NYC for a week of girly time in October. We've been hatching and planning and being completely dorky with filling up a spreadsheet of everything we want to see and do... and I think it's finally hit me that we're doing it. I love the anticipation!

...for the months ahead (speaking of anticipation!). Here we are, just on the cusp of my Favorite Season Ever: Fall... ahhhh. In spite of some horrendous wildfires in Washington and Idaho that have smoked up our valley and made it seem like a warm version of Narnia (always gray but never rainy, that works, doesn't it?), it is slowly getting cooler during the days, and the brisk overnight temps have slowed down growth, including the weeds! October, November and December are my favorite months of the year, and Here They Are. Whoooo!

...for all the information that is available to so many these days. (I would say "everyone," but I know there is a digital divide and would love to help bridge it...) I live in awe of the www that precedes every url out there. It's an amazing thing, and something I don't take for granted. There's a lot of garbage that comes along with the amazing, but it seems worth the effort to sift through it, to me.

...for end-of-season watermelon. Seth and I can be quite voracious with the watermelon, and as they've been disappearing from stores, we've been savoring each one like it is the last one we'll ever eat. And by savoring, I mean inhaling. Such flavor! Already looking forward to next summer. Ha.

I could go on. Seriously. Some weeks I am just so grateful for all of it, from the fact that I woke up this morning, to the fact that my son still hugs me quite readily and my husband tells me (and shows me) that he loves me, frequently. And I can read! And write! And pray without worrying that someone will report me. And enjoy the bounty of a rather overproductive agricultural community. I am even grateful I can sing, though it's best if that stays in the shower...

Other weeks it take a bit more mental finagling to put words to my gratitude. I'm not sure why that is, but it just is. But I don't worry; I've been doing this long enough now to know that the words always come back, and the gratitude just IS, words or no. I'm grateful for that too...

I hope your weekend brings you relaxation and joy, and peace.


  1. A beautiful list!!! I'm grateful you shared it! :)

  2. So you're still not-sick?! This not-sickness is dragging out..

    Very happy you guys could be with us last weekend. After all the planning fancydancing it turned out perfectly, including some very co-operative Seahawks.

  3. I am always grateful that you are so grateful... and we all truly have a lot to be grateful for. It's just good to review and count our blessings... as the old song goes... "and name them one by one."

    May your tribe increase.

  4. This is lovely and uplifting, very much so. Thank you, thank you. <3

  5. Love these...especially the one about Kim and Shelby of course since I totally adore them!! :)


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