Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday 13: Road tripping with my boy

Thirteen thoughts while driving up the state of Washington, Seth in the driver's seat:
1. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was the youngster, driving to boarding school on these same roads, my mother beside me?
2. How did he get to be tall enough that he actually looks like he should be driving?
3. I love snacks on the road. Is it time for snacks? I know we just left, but surely it should be snack time...
4. Do I feel safe enough to nap? No, not quite. What if something happens and he needs my experience and wisdom, like, NOW?
5. Seth's profile looks remarkably like it did in the sonogram 16 years ago. Is that weird? That's weird, yet makes perfect sense.
6. In the old game of pause-time or invisible, I used to pick invisible, every time. Now, I think I'd pick pause-time.
7. The beautiful thing about working is that vacations are just that much sweeter. Not complaining about the working, just noting the difference. I like the difference, not having the days all run into each other.
8. I am so glad Seth doesn't like metal, or whatever they're calling that indecipherable loud music these days. He's mostly into electronic music, which I can handle.
9. This state is so beautiful. Not always in a predictably picturesque way, though. I have grown so very fond of the rugged, barren look through the middle desert stretch. Especially in winter, when the light is really thin and bleak.
10. OK, not it really MUST be time for snacks. Egg salad. Blueberries. Chips. Vitamin water.
11. Oh, where should we go out for dinner when we get to Kelowna? White Spot? Or somewhere less chain-y? Seth loves White Spot. (So do I.)
12. I have been driving parts of this road since 1985.
13. Huh. We just passed where I got my very first ticket. Father's Day, 1986. Some things just stay with you. This stretch of Hwy 97 still makes my foot hit the brake.
For more Thursday 13s, visit them at I hope your Thursday is as lovely as ours, wherever you are.
P.S. I napped, I really did.


  1. Memories! I wasn't very happy when my sons got into rap.

  2. that's the nice thing about the open road, lots of time to reflect.

  3. He has a very handsome profile!

  4. Hope you are having a wonderful trip!

  5. All I want to do when I'm in the car is eat, which is funny since I'm not big on eating in life OUT of the car (I love food, I just don't like eating that much...) But the minute I get in the car, I start rummaging around for something to munch on. I remember one trip in college all I did from Atlanta to Florida was eat an entire bag of horribly, crappy off-brand "cheesy-pufs" I bought at some gas station. Ugh. Now I just stick to pretzels. And gum.


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