Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday night grateful moment

School is out, and while summer should be fast upon us, she does seem to be taking her sweet time. I suppose we say that every year, or at least it feels more frequent. But for now, we'll take the cool and celebrate the end of a long week with some recounting of the blessings, thankfulness, gratitude.

Clouds. Our skies have been quite interesting lately, with colors and textures and moisture. Lots of moisture. (Rain, in case that wasn't clear. Like, days and days of it. Well, that might be overstating it a bit. Feels like days and days...)

Our verdant surroundings. I've given up on just calling them green. They're VERDANT. Lush. (OK,  green.)

Quiet. Utter peace, at the moment; stillness and calm. Love that!

Strawberries. I will not confess how many pounds of strawberries I've eaten this week... I'm in heaven that fruit season is upon us; so far there have been salads, smoothies, with ice cream, on cereal... every meal possible. And, at the grocery: decent-size, made-in-the-USA blueberries! With reasonable prices! I'll take it!

Friendship and laughter. Dear friend Melissa came and got me all hooked up with my serger, just today. We have been meaning to do this for quite awhile! I appreciated the motivation to sit down and read. the. manual (finally). We had some good laughs, and I will now proceed to serge everything in sight. Expect serged Christmas gifts, family. That's all I have to say about that. 

My guys, and their love, support, hugs and kind words. I am blessed.

The wildlife that surrounds us. There are birds and more birds; the noise can be almost deafening some mornings. I have gotten out of bed and shut the sliding door early on a weekend morning, just to tone it down a bit! But as much as I love the peace and quiet, I do love hearing their little chirps and twitters too. The bunnies have been scarce this spring, so far. A couple, but not our usual over-populating batch... possibly the hawks and owls have been busy? I haven't heard our usual Owen the Owl in some time, though, and I miss his hoots. The pheasants still do their thing in the pasture, but with the high grasses, it can be difficult to see them, except when they dart in and out. Oh and the fish, can't forget the fish. They are so energetic, zooming around the pond, gulping their little pellet food. Very glad to have the pond nicely stocked, and at least the local blue herons haven't spotted it (yet).

Paint samples. I put some paint on a few spots around the exterior of the house to test a color, and quickly decided it wasn't right. I am so very grateful I decided to do that instead of trusting the 8"x10" swatch I had previously. Now the appropriate color is up on the walls and I think we have a winner. If you're in the mood to look it up: Sherwin Williams' Foggy Day, at 75%. I know, what's the deal with the percentage? Crazy high maintenance, that's us. Foggy Day is much better than Uncertain Gray. I could NOT paint our house a color with the word uncertain in it. Just feels wrong. If it was Decidedly Gray, maybe. But wishy washy gray? Nope.

Dear sweet Chief. I swear, just about everyone I know is in the puppy way right now. The puppy pictures on Facebook abound--cocker spaniels, golden retrievers, labradors, corgis, oh my! But I am so happy with our mature boy right now, and his lovely chin on my knee. He's such a love, even when he's shedding!

Good energy. This video gives me a jolt of that good stuff. With all the gray and rain lately, it's good to have a bit of a smile in one's day...

Girl Walk // All Day from jacob krupnick on Vimeo.

I hope you have many smiles in your weekend, and that gratitude abounds! What's on your list this week?



  1. I noticed the US blueberries yesterday...woohoo! And bought my first box of fresh picked strawberries last Sunday...meant to buy another this Sunday, but life got in the way :-)

    Here's the cutest puppies in the world:

  2. Love that girl in the video...don't laugh but I feel like that many days...gotta learn how to show it!!

    So lovely to see gratefulness is alive and well...

  3. Right now I'm sort of lavishing in the open sense of the season. Gracie has just two more days of school, we have family coming to visit soon after (my awesome cousin, fingers crossed she can get a flight last minute... she's a teacher and waiting to get her "end of year" bonus so she can make the trip!), and the summer seems wide open to possibility.


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