Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday night grateful moment

It's raining on my summer. Hard. Buckets. With thunder and lightening to boot. What's up with that? Seth and I went out to pick cherries tonight and got a few pounds picked before it started up in earnest, and now it's blowing and cold and I can hear cherries splitting from the raindrops, even as I write...

OK, confession: I love it. But, it is getting in the way of weekend plans, in the sense of sitting by a pool and all, like I had planned, with girlfriends. Ah well.

Regardless of the weather, the thankful list this week is easy...

My men. Seth has been such a help at home these past couple of weeks, and husband has been so supportive at work. It's made my daily juggle go more smoothly, for sure. I am so appreciative of them both!

My health. I haven't mentioned health in awhile, which means I must be taking it for granted. (Tsk tsk.) I am, however, very grateful for good health--when I stop and think about it. I accomplished a great deal of lifting and hauling and shoveling last weekend, and didn't end up any worse for wear! I *did,* however, take a spectacular tumble in Home Depot on Sunday. And by spectacular, I mean, Olympic-medal-level bumbleness. I was more stunned than mortified (that particular emotion kicked in later), but the poor young man that was trying to help me looked a bit traumatized. (He saw me later when I was checking out and couldn't make eye contact, the poor guy.) All that is to say I have had a whopper of a bruise on my knee this week, and am glad it's healing up well. Still waiting to outgrow the awkward phase...

Our setting. From the immediate yard and garden, and our progress there, to our field of peas and beyond to the beautiful fields and pastures, Blue Mountains, etc., I am grateful for the view that surrounds us, every day. A lot of places in the world are beautiful, for sure, but I am glad to have found a home in this particular pretty spot.

Family. Beyond the three of us, I'm thankful for the support we have from our family. Near, far... (I almost launched into "wherever you are." Aren't you glad I didn't?) it is always good to know we've got a net of love surrounding us. Maybe a bit hokey on the mental image there, but the sentiment is heartfelt. When I see people more obviously struggling with daily life, whether because of mental illness or life choices, etc., it reminds me that life doesn't always deal the same hand to us all, and to appreciate the support that has been so readily accessible to me, my whole life.

Flavor. I am cooking up some salad and sandwich and appetizer and dessert goodies to take with me to visit the aforementioned girlfriends, and was reminded of all the familiar and lovely ingredient combinations that make me happy. Whether it's what cheese to put in the sandwich (you knew I'd have to go there) to whether the cherries should be in a trifle or a cobbler, and should I make three salads or four... I love cooking, still.

Memories. I had a memory this week that I recounted to a co-worker, of an experience when I was actually younger than Seth and I acted in a wildly irresponsible fashion... I was left alone for the first time EVER overnight, and took the opportunity to drive in to town (20 miles) and pick up a girlfriend to come spend the night with me. We told both sets of parents that she would be taking the bus to my house. (Never mind that the bus didn't actually come to our house... I suppose we must have said I'd meet her at the closest bus stopp--a half mile away--and we'd walk the rest.) I am absolutely floored by that memory now, that I actually undertook this level of deception and, more to the point, that I accomplished it, safely, and didn't get stopped by the RCMP (or my parents, who I think I informed when I was safely living in another country, at 20+ years of age). Crazy. And grateful. It does make for a good memory, though... (Good thing I know Seth doesn't read my blog. I would not have shared that story if I thought he would get wind of it.) I don't often trip down memory lane, but when I do, I like to think of the ones that bring a smile.

Friendship. I'm always grateful for my friend time, whether is a coffee or a spontaneous fro-yo moment, a FB note or a text. I saw this on Pinterest recently, and it encapsulated some of my thoughts on the kind of friends I have, and the kind of friend I want to be:

And speaking of Pinterest (which is never far off in any conversation, am I right?), here are a few more of my recent-favorite wordish pins to take you into the weekend...

On that note, I shall say good night, have a lovely weekend, and peace all around!


  1. It is a good thing to love the place where you live. We sure love our spot on the planet.

    And there is a lot of enjoyment in making improvements to ones property...

    There are many people in the world who never experience that joy.

    It feels good knowing that our small spot in the world is a better place because we cared enough to make it so.

    1. That's a really good thought, Pa: that we cared enough to make a place better. I will remember that!

  2. Love the note you ended your weekly gratefulness list! Love it.

    What you missed in your story is some the fact that it wasn't just 20 quiet little miles from here to was down the hill, to and through the town of Westbank, over to the bridge and across it and then through the city of Kelowna and way, heck-and-gone over the way up into the hills behind Rutland!!!! I am so thankful that I knew nothing about this at the time. I believe I was in Florida or Washington, DC or some place far away.

    The other day when I was telling Seth how much I appreciated you and your brother's ability to run errands for me after you had your license I did think of that story but my lips are sealed!!!

    When Pa read the quote about Primrose he asked for brought back sweet memories of reading all three books. Also brings to mind the question, would I have done that for my little sister? I would like to think I would have.

    Keep on being are so good at it.

    1. I honestly can't fathom what I was thinking at the time... weird combination of chutzpah and stupidity. I think it's called teenager? Alas.

  3. My goodness, those are beautiful quotes. I especially love the Serbian one and the Wendell Berry one. I guess I'm still looking for that sense of "real work", although I feel like I am getting closer.

    1. I know! That Berry one sends me into introspective mode, quickly!

  4. I'm with you! I love the storms, and yesterday's was a doozy! I heard all about your nearby pea fields from our mutual friend (who has promised, by the way, to introduce us all good and proper in the near future...)who said she's been eating them like candy!

    Have a fabulous week!

    1. I missed Saturday's storm as I was in TriCities and it lightly passed by where I was... but I did hear about it! And I learned we have more than the one pea-picking friend in common. We also have a Picture Lab commonality... one way or the other (or both!) we will meet!!

    2. Yes! We do! Both have offered to introduce us! I look forward to it when the stars align...:)

  5. Like that Wendell Berry quote.


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