Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday 13: 13 sentences to finish, and I did!

This meme has been languishing, tucked away in my drafts for a long time. Since I can't quite get my act together for a more organized kind of Thursday 13, the more casual approach seems more my speed...

1. No matter what mood I'm in, I can always go for: something with cheese. Anything with cheese.

2. My favorite go-to outfit would have to be: comfortable dress or a skirt/T combo. I frequently remember the times in middle school when wearing a dress was just downright awful, and I only did it as a part of a "deal" with my mom (I still don't remember what I got out of the deal, I think it was "wear a dress or else!"). Now, I am most comfortable in skirts and dresses, by far.

3. A good source of inspiration is: Pinterest. Doh. If you're not there, you really should be. I use it to search for ideas on everything from recipes (of course) to the Maldives picture, below. It's a wealth of inspiration, frankly.

4. I am so glad my parents taught me: how to buckle down and get work done. And to appreciate manual labor and the feeling of accomplishment from a hard day's work. Might not have appreciated it WHILE hauling wood or weeding the garden, but I do respect it now. Thank you guys!

5. A song I like to dance to is: Superstition. (Not to mention, it makes me think of my SIL Kim. Bonus.)

6. I wish everyone knew about: the joys of a short, 10-minute nap. It would revolutionize the working world, I swear. Much higher afternoon productivity, from my experience.

7. The best thing in my makeup bag is: Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. It's been 8 years since I first discovered this gem (definitely memorable but funny I remember quite specifically, for a not-so-much makeup girl) and I haven't strayed. Love. It.

8. My dream spring break vacation spot is: If I'm really honest, it's somewhere tropical, in a hut (well, a Four Seasons hut!) on stilts over the ocean.

9. This may be a surprise, but I am passionate about: I can't think of anything that would surprise you, if you know me at all... I'm pretty much an open book. Things I am passionate about, though, include (but of course are not limited to, or in this order!) honesty, optimism, mind-body connections, God, love, faith, family, friends, good food...

10. A favorite book that changed me for the better: (The list is very long, so choosing is a bit rough.) I'm going to go with Girl Meets God. It found me at just the right time in my life.

11. One of my pet peeves is: People who market their life choices. (OK, real-speak would be: inauthentic actions make me want to hurl.)

12. I am trying to be better at: Not judging. Tough row to hoe, some days. Especially when I encounter #11. Seriously challenging.

13. The most recent rad thing I found online was: Definitely rad, and looking to explore it more.

There you have it; a few tidbits about me for your Thursday. Pick one of the questions (or more, but please at least one!) and answer in the comments. That would make my day!

Happy Thursday, and if you'd like to check out other Thursday 13s, go here.


  1. oh I wish I was [an Oscar Meyer weiner] in that water right now!

    And I also wish I could wear skirts or dresses and not feel like a complete idiot!

  2. great list. since it's lunch time i am heading straight to the kitchen to make something with cheese....

    1. What did you end up making? I had pizza tonight... that counts, for sure!

  3. Wow- that photo is amazing.

    Have a great Thursday!

  4. ifttt is certainly interesting -- so far I've been using it to work around limitations in online apps, like syncing FB status and tweets or other notifications workarounds. It seems like a way to ease wrongheaded product design or discover pain points that represent new feature or business opportunities. But as a standalone product, I haven't found any real long term value yet.

    Pinterest -- which I still personally haven't found a use for -- does appear to have found a way to provide value to a really passionate demographic. Very cool that.

    1. I think of ifttt as a time-saver... I don't have a lot of expectations with it (yet), but seems like it will be fun to play with. As for Pinterest, you MUST come over to dark side...


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