Sunday, May 27, 2012

Link love for your holiday weekend

Too long, much too long, since I've posted links from my wanderings around the web... I've been tucking them away, but it would overwhelm you (trust me) if I were to haul them all out at once, so here's a manageable--hopefully!--sampling. It's a long weekend, after all, and I'm positively giddy with the 48 hours stretched out ahead, still, full of possibility and yard work!

Happy reading!

I recently stumbled onto this post-Mother's Day story about how the founder of Mother's Day thought it became too commercial... I had the hardest time reading this story without laughing the whole time. It struck me as absurd--and then toward the end it just became sad, but I still fought the giggles. I know, not very nice of me...

What do people in the midst of the information storm do about filtering through all of it? This great article was a little overwhelming to me, to be honest, but I did pick up a few tips and new-to-me ideas: Path and ifft. Also, she encouraged me to think about Twitter again. It's been a long time since I've used the site with any degree of consistency.

I have pointed toward this woman's courageous writing before, and this post is no exception on the courage scale.

Got a boy? Here are 25 rules for mothers with sons.

Got a girl? Watch this:

Build your own kaleidoscope. It's kind of a kick.

Also in the color world, my newest favorite app: ColorSchemer.

If you're a blogger and looking for some post ideas, here's an interesting graphic/map.

Two recent Tumblr finds that could cause you to waste a bit of time:
What should we call me?
Cute animals. Bad dates.

Another thoughtful read from one of my favorite bloggers: "It occurs to me then that it is hypocritical of me to believe I am a spiritual person when everything is going my way, and then to shake my fist at the sky when things get scary. I wonder if maybe the reason I am sitting in a bathtub trying to breathe has less to do with living on a Marine base and more to do with the fact that I am now having to face the part of myself I have avoided since becoming a Navy Wife."

The questions you ask yourself on a daily basis determine your focus, and your focus determines your results. These are some great questions. I should probably print these out and put them above my desk for frequent reminding, easily distracted as I am...

Well, that's it for this installment. It's windy out, and cool, but that grass won't mow itself! Off to enjoy some of this glorious extra time! Hope you're able to do the same.


  1. Color is fun!

    I also like Color Scheme Designer 3 and kuler, both online color scheme creators. 0to255 is also fun.

  2. as always, such interesting links! I liked reading Jenna Wortham, thanks!


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