Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday night grateful moment

Feeling very peaceful tonight, and especially grateful for a few things in particular...

A long weekend! A couple of extra days with husband! Nothing requiring our time and attention until Tuesday morning! A-mazing.

Conveniences of modern living that we so often take for granted. We were without power for a number of hours recently, and it really does bring to light (candle light, in this case!) how reliant we all are on little things like power and hot water and... well, those are the two that immediately spring to mind. I can live without a lot of things, but power and hot water? Those are favorites of mine.

Spring, renewal... all that comes with it. Calves hopping about in the pasture. Flowering pea vines. Freshly mowed grass. Gently falling rain. (Or in our case, rain, hail, slush and then more rain the past 24 hours.) Sunshine (even through the rain, sometimes). The promise of morels. (Well, "promise" might be a little too strong, implying I know they are out there to be gleaned... how about wild and unsubstantiated optimism?)

Anticipation of summer. I'm pretty excited about fun stuff coming up, visits with family and friends, oodles of work to get done--at work and at home--and long days to get a lot accomplished. And, how many days until school's out? Oh, only 9. Wow.

Having a young man who wants to make a little coin over the summer. Indeed, something to be grateful for! The lists of things I will assign to said young man? They are a growin'.

Time with Seth this summer. It won't ALL be work and no play...

A pup who loves to be loved. He just adores being with husband and I when we're home, and is a great traveler too. He is curled up by me right now, head on the rug, eyes looking up at me like the sweet beast that he is.

Great greens all over the place--from true greens (arugula, kale, lettuce) to great little zinnia starts, sunflowers poking out of the ground, dahlias starting to branch out... so many great things taking off in the yard!

Strawberries! I got a little present this week of some early, sweet and lovely strawberries. They were divine and I can't wait until our little strawberry patch has ripened too. I feel like I've been waiting all winter for berries. Oh, right, I have.

As you can see by my "salad feature" tonight, I have a hankering for summer eating. We had a mean potato salad today, and there are leftovers calling out from the fridge. If that's not summer eating...

I hope wherever you are at the start of this long weekend (in the US; you Canadians had a shot at relaxation last weekend, now it's our turn) you are ready for an extra does of family, friends and DIY. Memorial Day weekend is renowned for sunburns, sports injuries, overdoing it in the yard and the start of all kinds of home projects that will take all summer to complete! Enjoy!


  1. Glad you have the power issues resolved. We are used to having to deal with that problem... but soon we will have our new generator set up with several circuits to keep the basics energized.

    Shelby and family arrived this evening and we are set for a lovely weekend. We get to celebrate two weekends in a row.

    Our weather could not be better here... that good ole sun in a cloudless sky and no wind. It don't get better than this.

  2. Mama using Pa's machine...such yummy salads.

    Bea and Dante are rounding out our weekend...they are loving chasing squirrels and looking with longing eyes at our supper table. There must have been something that smelled good to them.

    Nice to have the weekend start. Wish you were here too. Enjoy your extra days of blissful quiet.

  3. that food looks wonderful!! i really want to try the spring rolls. happy spring to you. we are smack in the middle of summer here in georgia... 100 degrees today.

  4. We just got back from Disney and for some reason, all I wanted to eat while I was there was salads. I just went crazy with the salads. Everywhere we went to eat, I got a salad. For some reason, it tasted *so* good to eat a fresh, crispy salad after a hot day in the sun. There were actually some great ones available at the parks (this was my favorite: - had it twice and had Tom buy the dressing today while he was the store, but I'm sure a homemade version of the dressing would be even better!), so I was happy. But I decided that salad is my absolute favorite food right now, replacing the hummus-tofurkey-cucumber-on-whole-grain-rye that has been my favorite for the last few years.


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