Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

On this fabulous Friday evening, the night before Seth turns 15, I can't help but be extra grateful for my boy, and for all 15 of these years. He's a wonderful son, a kind and thoughtful young man, and it's just a pleasure to be his mom. I'm grateful for his hugs, for his laughter, for his jokes and riddles and quick wit, and especially for his open heart and willingness to communicate. I couldn't ask for a better son, no doubt.

I'm grateful for family. For our family just a few acres away, and for our family across the state and *even* in other countries. Grateful to have them, mostly healthy and mostly happy; and to get to spend time with them as well, even if it's not as often as we'd like. We're lucky to get a big dose of family time for Seth's birthday! Fabulous.

The sunshine has continued to bless us this week. I am always so grateful for sunshine! It's so nice to have a drawn out autumn, without instantly turning to rain and mush (knock on wood). It could frost here pretty quick, so I've been clearing out the produce, and the ripening is definitely slowing way down, but wearing long sleeves when I mow, and not having to worry about what time of the day I'm out in the yard for fear of heat and sun exposure, I just love that! Now if only it would last for another two months. Three, if I were really greedy...

I'm grateful for fall flavors. The pumpkin recipes abound on Pinterest, and I've been enjoying a bit of roasted butternut squash as well (I have a recipe to post soon, sooooo yummy). I'm looking forward to all the soups and stews of fall, the hot chocolate and apple pie. Oh dear, getting hungry just thinking about it... Here are a few pumpkin finds I might fiddle around with soon...

I had some really productive days this week. I love (and am grateful for) productive days, when the tick marks off the side of the to-do list are plentiful... and I also had some less-than-productive days. Those I am less fond of. But, each day brings another opportunity to get things done, and I also try not to be too hard on myself for the different pace that my weeks with Seth can have. It's a little amazing how much back and forth is possible with just one kid and a few after-school appointments. I have so much sympathy and admiration for my friends with multiple kids who have multiple music lessons and sporting interests... yowsa!

I'm grateful for a persistent nature. I've been called things *other* than persistent... but, well, I prefer to think of it as tenacious... persistent... yeah, that's it. I have been trying to figure something out in Photoshop for awhile, and have poked around ad nauseum online, asked for a bit of help from a few designer/photographer types, and spend way more hours (than I should, really) with my calligraphy scans and photographs, trying to get the two to mesh the way I want them to. I don't want to jinx things by saying I've got it figured out, but I'm getting it to work more often than not, lately, and I'm glad of that. Visualize a little terrier with something in it's mouth, grrrrr-ing. That's me, but in a good way.

I'm grateful for coffee. Nectar of the gods, I tell you.

Words, words, words. I do love the words. I was reminded this week of the importance of kind words, especially between loved ones. What one person thinks is a joke can be taken completely differently by the other party. Of course, this also reminds me not to take stuff people say so very seriously; really, who can't laugh at themselves a bit? Um, me, some days... But, this instance wasn't about me, and it was interesting to watch the interactions and learn a bit about myself and how I think I might come across sometimes as well. (Just ask husband about the eye roll. Oh yeah.) I am grateful for kind words.

Some of my favorite words from this week:

I hope you have a blessed weekend with those you love. I plan on hugging my 15-year-old at least 15 times tomorrow!

What are you grateful for this week?


  1. Thank you for yet another great list of reasons to be grateful. 15 years sure do go by fast. Happy Birthday Seth.

    I am grateful for Sabbath and it looks like we will be going back to Victoria tomorrow again. Today was an emotional roller coaster that ended in frustration.

    I am still looking for some good to come out of the last screw-up of the day. Tomorrow we have to go back to the restaurant that lost our food order, took over an hour to get a meal that they said would be comped due to the delay... and then changed their mind and charged us for it anyway. Then when we got to the ferry Shirley realized she left her purse by the table where we ate... and there was no time to go back to get it and still catch the last ferry home tonight.

    We pray God will watch over her purse until we can pick it up tomorrow.

    Ask us how we like Fish on Fifth in Sidney?


    I'm grateful for simple things this week- whenever I get sick to the point of distraction, it gives me a chance to refocus on everything that's *really* important: simple pleasures, love, family, a warm cup of tea, sunshine, hot showers, fluffy towels after hot showers, pajamas, purring cats, sleeping in... :)

  3. Hope Seth had a great birthday! Oh man, how I love that spoon in the "cauliflower pumpkin dip" picture!!! Wonder where they got it from?


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