Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

It's that night again--Friday--and I'm grateful, I really am. Mostly that it's Friday night. But I'm also tired this week, and feeling kind of at a loss for real, unique words to wrap around my gratitude, so I'm going to cop out a little and express my gratitude through pictures... and even some pictures with words, too. (Of course.)

I have lately been really grateful and reflectful (Is that a word? Probably not. But I heard someone say funner and funnest in an interview yesterday, and so I'm just going to let a reflectful fly!) of our setting, the natural beauty of the valley. And as I drove to Spokane (and back) yesterday, I was filled with nostalgia for the Palouse as well...
OK, so there's no actual green up there right now, but the rolling hills are as beautiful as ever. (hills )

Kinda wow, eh? (clouds)

Isn't that the truth? (autumn)

I am truly grateful this week for health and home, for the challenges of life as well as the blessings, and for my place in the "grand scheme" of things. (OK, you're going to laugh, but I had challenges listed twice in that sentence above--challenges of life as well as the challenges. Ha. The blessings are many, truly, even if some days I forget that for a couple of minutes...)

I hope you get a little weekend time to reflect on your blessings too. What are you grateful for this week?


  1. Very beautiful photos and yes, the natural beauty of your part of the world is stunning. I love, love, love this time of the year in your world.

    We keep on keeping on...

  2. Just reading this made me feel a thosand times better (I've got some sort of head-cold/throat/body-ache thing and I've been super cranky about it). Like a breath of fresh air- thank you.

    Thankful: for tea, for rest, for not having any pressure at the moment so I can get better, for good books, for pretty paper, for clean and cool sheets on my bed, for the weather holding out today while I swam (yeah, I still swim when I'm under the weather- I feel worse if I don't... but it was TOUGH today...), for my little girl who is getting very big, for my husband who has been very kind and patient and helpful with me these past few days as I lurch around, not feeling well.


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