Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday 13: Favorite kitchen objects

Finally! I unpacked a couple of boxes yesterday... yes, we moved "back" into the kitchen a few months ago, but apparently I am a little slow at some things and if they aren't right in front of me, I don't miss them. These boxes were tucked away in the shop and when Seth and I were doing our reorg out there a couple of weeks back, I was happy to rediscover them!

So, I got my Hipstamatic on, and took a few shots of some of my favorite kitchen tchotchkes... 13, to be exact!

This little guy usually comes out just at Easter... the rest of the time he sits on my cookbook shelf and waits to be filled with jelly bellies. But I love him!

This birdhouse from my Ma has my name written all over it!

Dear friend Laura gave me this glorious red peppermill for my birthday last year. I love it!

This is such a fun gurgle pot, again from my mom. It really does gurgle when you pour liquid out!

What, Ma again? Ha. This lovely biscotti jar has never held biscotti... but it does hold candy, which I rediscovered today... had a few Werthers to get me through the afternoon yardwork...

We get great gifts from husband's work mates each Christmas; this was one from a couple of years ago. A real handmade fave.

Hello, little individual pots I never use. You are super cute, though!

A definite fave from Aunt Bobbi. This is the best spoon rest EVER.

This wasn't necessarily meant to be a kitchen "thing," but that's where it's ended up... something about the fork and spoon nonsense seemed to make it about food, right?

Those little wax figs have often been mistaken for the real thing... well, not to the point of there being teeth marks on them. But they do closely resemble figs, so of course I adore them. (Ma again.)

I'm kind of convinced this plate must be from Ma again, but if you know otherwise, please do speak up! (Do you see the artfully placed candy wrapper in the picture... yes, from the biscotti jar...)

That green plate is one I got at Crate and Barrel, just because. I love the color and shape, naturally.

I've mentioned these before... these colorful crocheted cloths from my Grandma Kandt. They might just be my favorite thing in my kitchen! The color, what they evoke.

What's your favorite thing in your kitchen?! Please tell me!

For other Thursday 13 participants, go here. And have a fabulous Thursday.


  1. My favorite things in my kitchen are (almost) all tools. I like my:

    * Dishwasher; what a time saver
    * Cuisinart; perfect for gazpacho and tabouli
    * A little wire wisk
    * The garbage disposal
    * A mid-sized knife
    * The refrigerator
    * The microwave
    * The gas range; I'll never go back to electric
    * The plants behind the sink

    I can't imagine a kitchen without all of these objects.

  2. popping with color - love it love it love it

  3. What a great post, so much fun to look at! My favorite thing in my kitchen is my tea stash and my tea supplies, including a bunch of mugs Gracie made me, which I keep out on the counter. I'm just starting to aquire things for around the house that don't serve a specific purpose (more or less) but are things I absolutely love and bring me joy- this post reminded me to KEEP doing that, especially in the kitchen!

  4. I have that same pepper was the first gift Dave gave me!

    Had the fish pitcher...accidentally gave it away LMAO!

    Love the ginkgo leaf bowl!!! So pretty :-)

    Yer Ma has good taste!

  5. My most favorite tool in our kitchen is a can opener. It is a Zyliss horizontal held tool. It is so cool to be able to take the lid off a tin can and then snap it back on to the can again, if you want to.

    But Shirley is the best thing in our kitchen. All the tools and such are nothing without her there doing her magic and preparing great food.

  6. Yes, I will admit to the blue and white day we were shopping and I said, I love blue and white and you said, Oh, but I do too!!!!

    I have difficulty shopping in a kitchen shop without finding something that has your name all over it.

    In my kitchen?
    *bread boards...big wooden ones/the piggy one
    *good saucepans
    *mixed-up china and silver
    *my view
    *fresh flowers


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