Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday night grateful moment

Weeks like these, the grateful fairly rolls off the tongue... mostly because the week is over! (Ha. I crack myself up.) It was a good week in terms of getting things accomplished around the place, but it was the second of two weeks sans Seth, and that always gets a bit, well, long.

I'm grateful the boy is home. Happy, healthy, sassy (well, he is 14) and still sweet, we had a good day of chillin' and grocery shopping, making lunch and blueberry jam, chatting and catching up on Battlestar Galactica. All of a sudden it sounds like we actually did something... I just love his companionship.

And when Seth's not here for my daytime entertainment, I have to say I am beyond grateful for my iPhone as a listening device. I really don't know what I'd have done without it for all the yard work these past few years. Angels and Demons (Dan Brown) walked me through the brick patio last summer, and Middlesex (Jeffrey Eugenedides) and The Help (Kathryn Sackett) helped with many a weed pulling a couple of years ago. Mixed in there is ample David Sedaris, comedy stand up by Brian Regan, Jim Gaffigan and Lewis Black, and chick lit too silly to mention by name (I call those my "palette cleansers" between the heftier items). But I tell you, anything that keeps my attention off the heat and compels me out to do the work is beuno in my book. This week it was What The Dead Know (Laura Lippman), about an unsolved abduction of two sisters in the 1970s... pretty compelling in places, if a bit unsatisfactory in the wrap-up...  Next up is Water for Elephants (Sara Gruen), which I've given a feeble start to, and didn't love. But I'll start from the beginning and see how it goes...

The doggies have been doing so well, and provide such good company for me. I'm grateful for their constant joy at seeing me each morning. How often do you get a cheer, just by opening a door and stepping through? They sit in the shade near wherever I am, snoozing and hanging out. They are also great for letting me know if there's the slightest hint that someone might be coming down the driveway. As much as that can annoy me at times, it's actually proven extremely handy... kinda tough to sneak up on me with them around! And Jack and Darby both celebrated their 13th birthdays last week, so they are well and truly the seniors around the place, doing quite well in their golden years, definitely.

I'm also grateful that we haven't busted the 100-degree mark yet! I hope it's not this coming week, as I have Seth and his friend Jake helping me on a specific yard project and I don't want to wilt the boys! But we'll get the bulk of our work done before noon, and there's always the sprinklers to run through, right?!

I'm grateful for husband, as ever. He's the frosting on my cake, the creamer in my coffee, the cheese in my grilled cheese sandwich. Essential, in other words. He gives me the gold stars I'm always looking for on my yard projects, and always helps me to see another perspective when my nose is in the wheelbarrow, so to speak. I value his input and opinion so much--even if I don't always act like it!

I'm grateful for all the summer flavors that are just getting better and better. I have eaten so many blueberries this week (picked 27 pounds last Sunday!), as well as nectarines and watermelon. From our garden, I've picked summer squash and zucchini, kale, Walla Walla Sweet onions, potatoes, basil, and cucumbers. Just waiting on those tomatoes! Can't wait to not have to buy store tomatoes for awhile! I just wish the season was longer.

I'm grateful for friendship, and for friends who carve out time for each other. Dear friend Kate is coming over from Seattle this weekend, and she and I and Megan are having a little girl time. Schedules being what they are, and family commitments being what they are, I'm thankful she was willing to trek over our way!

Speaking of friends! I'm so grateful that Jen is healthy and cancer free, and hosting a Relay for Life team this weekend in Portland. I'll be with you in spirit, Hoe-Downs! (If you're so inclined, feel free to donate to The American Cancer Society on behalf of the Hoe-Downs, and help kick cancer's butt. Cancer sucks, as some of our loved ones know all too well.)

Pinterest continues to add a little joy to my life, and I'm thankful that someone actually thought of doing what they've done, providing a beautiful way to tag and catalog visual information. Technology is a plus in my world, and pieces of technology that help me filter the deluge of information better so I'm seeing what I want, when I want and not all that other stuff... that is a plus-plus for me. Now, about this Google+... we'll see. Jury's still out in my world, but Seth promises to sell me on it... so when exactly did he become the early adopter in the house? Sigh.

From Pinterest, here are some food items that piqued my interest this week, enough so that I've either made them or have them on the "soon" list... and if I made them, you know I'll post about them (eventually).

I am missing some of my indoor crafty hours, with all this great weather and projects outside underway, but I am still so thankful our summer. The longer days and dusky evenings make for beautiful moonrises. There will be plenty of time for my crochet needle to whip along, once the weather changes... In the meantime, here are a few pinspirations I've found from that world.

Now that I've posted those images, I'm rather eager for the fall weather... well, not to rush things. I know it will be here soon enough!

May you have a peaceful and lovely weekend, whatever it holds in your world. Blessings to you and yours.


  1. I REALLY look forward to reading your Friday evening posts (usually on Saturday morning, with tea!) I am looking forward to fall, too, only because it's our spring and just an AMAZING beautiful time of year.

    I just have to learn to crochet. Those scarves, those daisies... *sigh* so beautiful!

  2. So happy for your happiness...Life is what you make it and I believe you have gone out of your way to make life more enjoyable for a lot of people around you.

    I did love the spot in your blog where you spoke of your doggies and their cheer. When the world feels draggy and grey they must be a jolt back to what life can be...tail-wagging and looking up!!!

    Love you.

  3. Thanks for the support, babe. Although Relay for Life was tons o' fun and inspiring, I am exhausted through and through. My Google Reader is in the triple digits, higher than it's ever been, after ignoring it for days. So much to catch up on, but your blog was first because I always love it. And YOU. :) xoxo

  4. there's always so much to comment on in your posts :-)

    How did you like Middlesex? I read that some years ago and remember liking it very much. Is it lendable?

    <3 Lewis Black, even tho I fell asleep the last time I went to see him (blame it on the chemo!)

    I am now $447 poorer since I took both dogs to the vet yesterday. The vet suspects Max has something wrong with his spine, since he doesn't have much feeling in his right hind leg. He's not in pain, and gets around just fine, tho. And he's 14...

    The snap (LOL I first wrote snape) pea and radish salad looks wonderful!

    And I love that leaf cupholder!!!

    I started up a new blog today...if you'd like to check it out, here is the link : crab-and-centaur dot blogspot dot com/


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